Facebook Unpublished Our Page With 39K Followers So Make Sure You Like Our New Page, Follow On Twitter, And/Or Subscribe For Emails


Breaking News – the Turtleboy Daily News Facebook page has been unpublished by the Facebook Gods. No reason was given, but we knew this was coming because they’ve taken down dozens of our posts in the last year. The page was probably the 50th page we’ve created since our primary page with 112K followers was taken down in 2017. It was the longest lasting (almost 2 years) and had the most followers (39K) of any page we’ve had since.

Luckily we saw this coming and created a new page last week that you should like and/or follow by clicking here. We don’t rebuild, we reload.

It used to be a big deal when we’d lose a page with this many followers, but it doesn’t bother me in the least now. I do not own Facebook and I have no control over when they will decide that I am too offensive to keep my pages up. There is no sense in getting upset over things you can’t control. The page was useless anyway, because it was completely shadowbanned and didn’t show up in anyone’s feed. Considering the amount of followers it got very little interaction and was not growing at the rate we wanted it to. Our new page, which has less than 3K followers, gets significantly more interaction because it doesn’t have any strikes against it (yet).

I realize that this new page will grow in followers before eventually get shadow banned and unpublished, and I’m OK with that. This is just how we’ve done business the last few years, and will continue to do business moving forward. In the meantime it’s a good opportunity to urge you to follow Turtleboy in the following ways so you’re not dependent on Facebook:

  • The Turtleboy Daily News app will be launching in the Apple and Google Play stores very soon.
  • Just go directly to TBDailynews.com on your browser.
  • Follow me on Twitter @DoctorTurtleboy. Thanks to Elon Musk, Twitter is the freest platform that has ever existed, and I highly suggest you create an account. I post more on Twitter than I do on anything else, have a blue checkmark, and a good community of followers (23K and growing).
  • Join the Turtleboy Only Fans group on Facebook by clicking here. I do not admin this page, and it is completely fan run. The admins post every blog we publish, but also allow other TB related posts to go up. There is a lot of commentary and discussion in there.
  • Follow us on IG @Turtleboy_Daily_News. We’re new to IG and figuring out how we can best use it, and are close to passing 5K followers.
  • Every blog and the front page has a prompt to sign up to receive email notifications when we publish new blogs. I highly recommend this if you’re not on social media and don’t want to refresh the page to see if new blogs are up.

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