Facebook Won’t Let Clarence Woods Emerson Post, Follow Cynthia Marie Sanchez Or Email Or Follow On Reddit


Attention turtle riders trying to reach me on Facebook – Clarence Woods Emerson appears be suspended. This time they’re not telling me what I did or how long I’m suspended for. I just can’t respond to messages or post and it won’t tell when it ends. For now you can follow or friend request Cynthia Marie Sanchez on Facebook by clicking here to keep up, because Philip V. Prentiss (the backup account) is suspended for 26 more days.

Two weeks ago they took down the Turtleboy Facebook page, and it’s clear that Facebook is going through major censorship again, even though they claim not to be. We cannot trust them moving forward for communication, so it’s important that you do the following if you’d like to send messages:

  1. Email me at [email protected] This is the easiest way you will always be able to reach me with story ideas or whatever.
  2. Subscribe to the Turtleboy Sports Reddit page by clicking hereIt’s a great, uncensored forum for turtle riders and all of our posts appear on there.
  3. Follow @Turtleboytweets on Twitter by clicking hereAlthough I do not have access to that account, we have a couple who do and respond to message there.


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