Failed Hockey Player Turned Youth Coach Spits On And Fights Ref At Son’s Game In Kingston, New Hampshire Parents Yell Vulgarities From Bleachers


A video showing a youth hockey coach fighting a ref at a game in Kingston has been making the rounds of the interwebz.

And that right there is why I will never be a hockey parent. No offense to hockey parents, but you know and I know that your sport carries a disproportionate amount of guttermuppet parents. See the previous blogs about the north shore parents who assaulted a Salem cop, or the Connecticut hockey dads kicked out of the rink in Rockland last year for further reading. This doesn’t happen at my kid’s soccer or basketball games. Anyone willing to wake up that early, spend that much money, and travel from New Hampshire to Kingston to play a game, is more than likely a psychopath. Just sayin.

Let’s be clear here – the parents yelling at the coach are just as trashy as the coach is. Here’s the transcript of what was said as the coach was being escorted out for fighting a ref in front of children:

“Are you f***ing kidding me Brian? What a piece of s***!!!”

“World Star”

“Way to set a f***ing example for the kids”

“Shut the f*** up”

“Are you out of your f***ing mind?”

Yea, the adults shouting profanities at the tops of their lungs are setting a great example for their kids too. At least they didn’t fight a ref. This is like lowered expectations on steroids.

Also, any grownup who feels the need to yell “world star” without mocking people who yell “world star,” is a guttermuppet extraordinaire.

If I were to tell you that two teams from New Hampshire and Springfield were playing a game, and a coach from one of those teams assaulted a ref while the parents yelled “world star,” I think 99% of the people reading this right now would assume it was the team from Springfield. But alas it was the New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs coach who spit on the ref before engaging in the fight.

If you get spit on you have to hit back. It’s an instinct reaction. There’s nothing more degrading and humiliating than having another man thrust his oral juices onto your face. And you know that guy had horrible dragon breath.

A lot of people are blaming the ref for this too, but watch the video again. He kicks the coach out for being a douche, the guy refuses to leave at first, then the coach walks back towards the ref:

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Why is he walking towards him at all? Just leave. Door is the other way. When someone is coming at you like that you have the right to put your arms up in self defense and push him away. The ref did absolutely nothing wrong.

It’s disgusting what this guy did, and he clearly sees nothing wrong with it. According to the New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs the coach has been fired, but he hasn’t been named. That’s usually when Turtleboy gets the call to tag in to name and shame those are earned it. And this man right here has clearly earned TB infamy.

Meet Brian Pouliot from Manchester:

He’s the corporate sales director at Copyright Clearance .

Which wasn’t his dream, because he aspired to be a professional hockey player.

Except Fappy Gilmore just wasn’t very good, and his professional hockey career lasted a grand total of three months for the Pensacola Ice Pilots.

How do you pilot the ice? That doesn’t even make any sense.

If you’re playing minor league hockey in the Florida panhandle you know that it’s time to give up the dream. But sadly bootleg Billy Tibbetts can’t get over his glory days at UNH, even though it ended in spectacular failure. Almost as big of a failure as his parenting.


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