Canton Cover-Up Part 2: Family And Friends Demand That We Stop Reporting Factual Things About Framing Karen Read For John O’Keefe’s Murder And Covering Up For Killers


Over 100K people have read the story I was up until 3 AM writing last night about the alleged criminal conspiracy to coverup the murder of Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe and frame his girlfriend Karen Read. Most people are shocked and outraged about the mountain of evidence indicating that O’Keefe was killed by fellow BPD Sergeant Brian Albert, his nephew Colin Albert, and possibly others. We’ll be reviewing it all tonight on the Live Show immediately after the Celtics game at 9:30, and I’ll be sharing my theories, along with some new information that’s surfaced. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here.

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Most of the feedback we’ve gotten has been positive. Although several things we wrote about had already been made public record in court filings, lots of other information we reported had never been heard before. However, not everyone liked the blog, and supporters of the Canton Albert Clan have consumed my inbox on Twitter.

Translation – the defense is creating reasonable doubt by sharing evidence that Trooper Proctor and the DA’s office hid from the public.

“The O’Keefe family is hurting enough.”

Yea, and covering up his murder will make them feel better I’m sure. Meanwhile an innocent woman will have to rot away in prison or else it will be “hurting the kids,” by protecting the men and women who killed their father.

“Please do not feed into the defense strategy.”

What strategy is that? Showing receipts and using logic?

“The truth will come out during trial.”

Oh dear, Karen Read won’t be going to trial. But multiple people in the house that night will be.

She claimed I didn’t speak with anyone with first hand knowledge, but she was communicating with the O’Keefe family.

Except John was estranged from his mother, who tried to get custody of his niece and nephew and lost. And I didn’t need to present the prosecution’s side because unlike the defense their side was presented already without evidence being withheld. However, I guarantee the sources I’m speaking with are much, much closer and more knowledgeable than yours.

“Unless you know the families involved and live in Canton you can’t possibly imagine how absurd these new unfounded allegations are.”

Oh right – we can only have an opinions on murders in Canton if we live there. This is from a close friend of the family who has no bias whatsoever and seeks only the truth.

Others were really concerned that I was spreading harmful claims about a 19 year old “kid” who allegedly murdered a police officer.


Harmful claims? Ya mean like a made up story about a woman running over boyfriend and leaving him to die in the snow?

They kept coming.

Oh wow, I totally forgot we were in America. We don’t facts and evidence here. And yes, the fact that at least 11 people kept this from getting out for over a year is wild. But the mere fact that someone in that house leaked it to anonymous police sources, who leaked it to Karen Read’s defense team, indicates that the coverup is officially over.

Another family friend asked me nicely not to write anything.

“We don’t know all the facts.”

Well, we do know that Jennifer McCabe Googled “how long to die in snow,” despite claiming to have believed that O’Keefe was at home in bed. We know that Trooper Proctor planted evidence, failed to interview obvious suspects, never searched the house for evidence, and failed to disclose that he was a close family friend. But apparently I’m supposed to ignore that information because the children left behind prefer the fake narrative to the real one.

Anyway, we’ll be reviewing all the evidence tonight on the Live Show so I hope to see you then.




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