FBI Arrest Of 62 Latin King Members In Worcester And New Bedford Has Woonsocket Woman Upset, Focusing On Positive Contributions From Gang


One of Donald Trump’s most underrated moves as President has been his appointment of U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling to oversee law and order in Massachusetts. We live in a lawless state, run by corrupt politicians like Rachael Rollins and Charlie Baker, who routinely allow criminality to go unchecked. But under Lelling’s watch we’ve seen the weight of the federal government come down on local leaders who want to create legalized injection sites for drug addicts.

He’s restored law and order to our courts by taking the unprecedented step of holding corrupt judges like Shelley Joseph responsible when they defy our laws by allowing undocumented immigrants to escape from courthouses in order to avoid ICE.

Lelling had corrupt Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia arrested, not once, but twice, and he’ll be heading off to federal prison shortly.

Now we can add to his accomplishments having 62 violent members of the Latin Kings arrested in New Bedford and Worcester.


The entire concept of a gang is the corniest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s bunch of adults joining club. Except they all eventually die or go to jail. You don’t see a lot of gangbangers cashing in their 401K’s.

Secondly, to show you just how bootleg the Latin Kings are, this is their leader.

A Hispanic gang run by a fat, stereotypical Italian dude. That’s how incompetent the Latin Kings were. They had to outsource their gangstas in order to become a real gang.

The fact that 62 violent drug dealing gangbangers involved in human trafficking and murdering people are off the streets, should be something we all agree is universally good. But we do have someone who disagrees. Meet Kristil Wilson from Woonsocket.

She exists for the sole purpose of providing an outlet for members of the Latin Kings to release their sexual tensions without using any sort of widely available contraceptive products. As you can imagine, she is not happy about this arrest.

She has a point. When we think about gang members our bias (from the media) forces us to focus on the murdering, sex trafficking, and heroin distribution. But they also put on one hell of a pancake breakfast, and no one ever talks about that.

Look at how upset these upstanding citizens are.

Road island be tripping! They don’t have good plows on Nantucket so the roads are covered in potholes.

Of course Kristil has reproduced, and you’ll never guess what she’s named her children.

Prince and Princess. This is officially the gayest gang in the history of the world.

Yea, not all kings and queens partake in the crime. Some of them, like Kristin, are just there to be impregnated by those who do commit the crimes.

Keep up the great work Andrew Lelling.


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