Fitchburg Paramedic Who Fled Massachusetts After Being Exposed By Predator Poachers Now Working In North Carolina Hospital, Makes Tik Toks Claiming He Was Role Playing


Six months ago we blogged about John Paul Antonio, the medic who was caught by the Massachusetts Predator Poachers trying to meet up with a 14 year old boy at a motel for sex, and answered the door naked.

The Leominster Police have been looking for him and plan to arrest, which is why he ran away shortly after being exposed and hasn’t been seen since.

It’s come to our attention that Antonio is now in Wilmington, NC, working as a first responder. Apparently they don’t read TB or subscribe to the predator poachers that far down south. John-Paul thought it would be a good idea to start a Tik Tok channel where he posts multiple times a day about how lonely he is. I saw them all yesterday, but today the videos are all gone except for one. Here he is claiming that the predator poachers video was a big misunderstanding. According to him he was drinking too much that night and was “role playing.” Consequently his his children won’t talk to him, his wife divorced him, and he had to leave and start a new life.

Pro tip – if you flee the state to start a new life because the cops are looking at you because you got caught trying to have sex with a young boy who turned out to be a 36 year old Puerto Rican man, don’t start a Tik Tok channel. It defeats the purpose of running away.

“I did something really, really stupid under the influence of alcohol. And was on an adult website looking for a day, and was role playing. Apparently this person showed up and plastered my shit all over social media, and destroyed and ruined my life. Even though that was not my intention.”

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to meet up with a completely legal consenting adult and you hit the sauce too hard, and then you start role playing where the legal consenting adult tells you they’re a 14 year old boy because pretending to be a pedophile turns you on, even though you’re totally not a pedophile? It’s the worst.

That’s why you should never feel bad for these people. They never learn their lesson, they’ll all reoffend the second they think the coast is clear, and they’ll blame everyone but themselves for their disgusting, criminal behavior. He didn’t move to North Carolina just to escape arrest in Massachusetts. He moved there so he could start fresh and find some new victims down in Dixie.


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