Fitchburg Woman Accuses “Crackhead” Of Selling Dog After Asking Him To Watch It, Asks For Community Help On Fitchburg Facebook Group


The Discussing Fitchburg Now Facebook group was on fire today after a local snatch hog named Tiffany Rios posted about a “crackhead ass n***a” who allegedly sold her dog while he was supposed to be watching it.

Good Lord, just look at that thing.

His chinstrap has pubes that have grown their own pubes. When you let a guy like that near your dog there’s at least a little 75% chance they’re going to sell it for crack. That’s just science. Maybe in the future try not lending your dogs out to “crackhead ass n***as,” to avoid this from happening again.

But it’s not her fault because he “hides a lot.”

This man right here hides nothing.

He might as well have “crackhead ass n***a” tattooed on his forehead.

Tiffany wanted to make it clear that she is NOT a crackhead.

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She just associates with them, and occasionally puts them in charge of watching her dog.

Not the first time she’s lost this dog either.

The dog could be in Gardner or Fitchburg. One of those places. It’s hard to keep track of which crackhead ass n word was watching it last.

In fairness, last time the dog escaped and ran to one of two cities that don’t border each other, but this time it was sold for drugs.

So get your FACKS straight!

She claims that she had no choice but to lend out her dog to a crackhead because she was homeless.

But she swears she’s not a crackhead too. She just associates with them.

She knows for a fact that the dog was sold for crack money after conferring with her friend Bebo Pabon, the most trustworthy person in Fitchburg.

Does this look like the face of a person who would lie to her about a crackhead selling her dog?

If the name Bebo Pabon rings a bell, you may know him better as “Crack Rock Carlos,” after he was featured on Turtleboy in August when he was kicked out of a diner for smoking crack in the parking lot, and ultimately fell asleep in his oatmeal at the table before claiming racial discrimination.


If Bebo says he doesn’t know where the dog is then he’s gotta be telling the truth. It’s not like he’s a crackhead who routinely posts lies on social media either. And it certainly doesn’t appear to be the case that everyone in this young lady’s social circles has issues with smoking crack.

Tiffany is also a deep thinker.

A committed mother who happens to not have custody of her kid.

An avowed feminist.

And a liberated woman.

Oh, and her “friends” are only sharing it if she agrees to sleep with them.

Just another day in Fitchburg.


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