Fitchburg Woman Beats Husband’s 5 Year Old Child, Tries To Frame Real Mother, Cancels Her Insurance, Forgets Documents, Attempts To Get TB To Smear Her


Today I received a message on my Facebook account (Clarence Woods Emerson) from a woman named Denise Ramos, who was upset with a post Clarence allegedly made.

I had no idea what she was talking about, since I certainly would never post anything like this:

First of all, I don’t write like I’m two classes short of finishing my GED, and I would rather die than write “could of” instead of “could’ve.”

Secondly, this is not my style. We don’t just take random people, post their DCF documents, and ask “what do you think?”

Thirdly, I didn’t make a post at 9:24 last night because I was setting up for the live show. But the post does have 38 reactions, 9 comments, and 3 shares. It just so happens that another post I made yesterday has the exact same number of reactions, comments, and shares, with the exact same angry face emojis as well.

Now look at the shadows around the words in the screenshot she sent me.

And compare it to the complete lack of any shadows on a normal Clarence post.

In other words, someone took that post with the 38 likes, and they photoshopped that broken English sentence and DCF documents onto it. They kept the likes and the name Clarence Woods Emerson to make it look authentic.

But who would do that? Let’s re-read the post again.

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“A mother protecting her child from her dad and stepmom after abuse allegations. Is this another case of a baby momma drama where a bitter ex tries to frame her ex’s wife for things she might (of) done herself?”

Now that I think about it, it just might be. If you look at the documents posted it says that Denise called DCF 4 times on Lorrayna and Claudio Calle for neglect and physical abuse. All of them came back unsupported. Yet twice DCF was called for neglect on her and her new boyfriend, and those two both came back supported. Based on this report Denise appears to be the bitter ex trying to use TB Daily News to frame her ex’s new wife for something Denise did herself (neglect her child).

“According to DCF stepmom and Dad are both clear while mother and boyfriend was not.”

Who would have the DCF documents except for the birth parents? Read the report from DCF. It says that reports made against a Lorrayna and Claudio Calle were unsubstantiated, while a report against Denise Ramos and a Kyle Sanders were supported. This would seem to indicate that the woman messaging me (Denise) was a bad parent who tried to frame her ex Claudio and his new wife Lorrayna.

Also, look at the “police” report.

“The story that Denise was telling her was so crazy she felt the need to file.”

No cop would ever write like that.

“Detective said that Denies was sending him about 100 text messages a day to he had to turn his phone off. Detective McNamara said Denise is the problem here; no one else.”

This is not how cops write reports.

“The detective also said he was able to gather information that Mrs. Calle, who was working for an insurance company, was being accused by Ms. Ramos for switching license plates or false license plate info.”

“Detective McNamara told worker that he is a registry instructor and was able to confirm that Ms. Ramos had switched the plates and tried to accuse Mrs. Calle of doing it.”

Again, no cop would ever write like this in an official report. It’s alleging that Denise Ramos falsely accused Lorrayna Calle (who worked at an insurance company) of switching Denise’s license plate information. As we will see later on, the real Lorrayna Calle actually did do this to the real Denise Ramos.

“According to DCF paperwork the MOTHER have been harassing her ex and also been pretending to be harassed by her ex’s partner in order to frame her to the police.”

So according to this police report Denise Ramos was harassing her ex-husband and pretending to be harassed by Lorrayna Calle in order to frame Lorrayna. Remember, the report makes Denise look like the abusive parent, and now “Denise” is messaging me. Why would Denise dig herself a hole like this with TB Daily News, knowing what we do for a living?

A quick Google of Lorrayna’s maiden name (Araujo) reveals her to be a Worcester resident who ran afoul of the law.

Let me explain what I know now, but didn’t realize at the time.

Denise Ramos is a normal, loving mother, who happens to be pregnant right now.

Claudio Calle is her ex and the father of her first child.

Claudio has since married Lorrayna Calle in 2017, formerly known as Lorrayna Araujo.

Lorrayna is a psychotic mother of four, including twins from Claudio.

Lorrayna is pretending to be Denise in order to make Denise look bad.

Lorrayna photoshopped that rant onto a Clarence post, then used the Denise account to message me, almost baiting me into blogging about it. Had I done so the report seems to indicate that Denise is a lunatic who had been filling false police reports against Lorrayna at her work (insurance company in Worcester). This would make Denise look bad.

The police report and DCF report are both fake. The goal was for Lorrayna to go to the DCF office in Leominster, use her real name to get this fake report, then use the fake Denise account to message people in an attempt to smear the real Denise. This would prove to the cops that Lorrayna was behind the fake Denise account, since Lorrayna is on record as the only person to get the report from the Leominster DCF office. No one else could’ve sent that.

And just in case there’s any doubt, here’s Lorrayna using her real Facebook page to post the fake report last year.

Lorrayna initially attempted to file a false report to DCF on Denise in regards to Claudio and Denise’s child. The tables turned when the child told DCF that she was being abused by Lorrayna while Claudio did nothing.

Here’s how it happened.

Lorrayna called Reingold Elementary and told them that Denise was neglecting or abusing Denise’s child. DCF was alerted and they ended up doing a thorough investigation which revealed that Denise wasn’t abusing her, but Lorrayna was.

Because the child herself told DCF that Denise had caused the injuries.

DCF called the father Claudio, who confirmed that Denise is a great mother, and that the report filed by Lorrayna wasn’t true at all. He even asked them to drop it because he knew that his wife would be blamed for this (he obviously knows the kind of psycho he’s married to).

This is literally Cinderella. Lorrayna treated Denise’s kid like human garbage. To be specific, Lorrayna shaved off the 5 year old’s eyebrows, chopped her hair off, brought her to the beach with no sunscreen, forced her to stay away in the middle of the night, hit her, forced her to stay inside while her biological children played outside, and hit the girl when she cried. Here’s three  message Lorrayna sent Denise from a burner phone. It’s very disturbing.

She’s threatening to kill both Denise and her child, as well as the unborn child Denise is carrying.

The child has a restraining order against Lorrayna, but Lorrayna told Denise the child would be dead by the time the RO expires.

“Sony” is Claudio’s nickname, and Lorrayna brags that she got Claudio to treat her kids as her own, while allowing Lorrayna to abuse he and Denise’s daughter.

She has used multiple burner phone numbers to message similar things. They are VERY disturbing.


She even brags about her own biological daughter taunting Denise’s daughter.

Just like in Cinderella.

This is a dangerous, violent, animalistic human being who deserves to be in jail for the rest of her life. The fact that this woman is allowed to have four kids underneath her care after DCF found out she abused a 5 year old is everything that is wrong with our system. She wants to erase Claudio’s life before she came into it in 2017, which means getting rid of Denise and her daughter. He’s equally at fault for allowing this to happen and choosing a woman over the well being of his daughter.

The real Denise Ramos didn’t know what to do so she posted about what was happening on her real Facebook page. Anyone who liked or commented with advice about going to the police was immediately messaged or received a text from Lorrayna threatening them. Some of the messages contained the same fake DCF report that Lorrayna sent me using the fake Denise account.

She even threatened to use Turtleboy as a weapon against Denise. She specifically said that she would send me the fake DCF report in order to make Denise look bad.

Keep in mind, her whole goal when she messaged me with the fake Denise account was for me to smear Denise. She planned this out meticulously.

Fitchburg Police were skeptical at first as to who the crazy one was here because Lorrayna puts on a good front. She worked at an insurance company in Worcester and forged Denise’s signature in order to cancel Denise’s insurance. She ended up getting fired when she accessed Denise’s driving information, which they can track. Here’s her notice of termination.

Lorrayna also forged 3 documents with Denise’s fake signature:

  1. Shared custody of the child who Lorrayna cannot see due to the restraining order
  2. A document to terminate restraining order
  3. A document to cancel child support that Claudio owes Denise

Lorrayna created another burner phone number and began texting the police detective investigating the case hundreds of times, pretending to be Denise. The detective realized it wasn’t Denise when the number began texting him while Denise was sitting in front of him at the police station.

I know all of this now, but I didn’t know any of it when the fake Denise account began messaging me. When I clicked on Denise’s account in messenger it brought me back to Facebook messenger. This means that the fake account only signed up for Facebook messenger, but never made an actual profile. When I searched for Denise Ramos on Facebook, I found the real Denise Ramos. This was all planned out.

Remember, when I was responding on these messages, I thought I was dealing with a woman who had fallen for a photoshopped screenshot that looked to have been posted by my page (Clarence Woods Emerson), and I wanted to help her out.

She knows who Turtleboy is and is pretending to be Denise. She’s acting as ratchet as possible, hoping that we will write a blog smearing Denise Ramos. She knows how Turtleboy works.

I was very confused at the time.


At this point I attempted to call her because I felt bad that someone was lying to her. She didn’t answer on Facebook messenger but she gave me a phone number, which she also didn’t answer when I called.

I later got a call back from that phone number, which belonged to the real Denise Ramos, which is how I put this story together. You’ll notice it’s an Atlanta phone number. Denise has had to change her number several times because Lorrayna finds out the number and stalks her every time she changes it. Now she’s trying to weaponize Turtleboy to do her dirty work for her.

She played dumb.

Christian is the real Denise’s boyfriend. He didn’t respond when I called him.


Notice she’s dropping n bombs and threatening to have me beaten up by he boyfriend. Remember, she’s trying to make Denise look like the ratchet one here. This is not how Lorrayna talks in real life. She carries on like a normal, loving mother of 4.

“Denise” also had to take shots at Lorrayna.

This woman is dangerous, manipulative, and has four children under her care. She lives with an emasculated man that does nothing to stop this, and Denise has been victimized by Lorrayna for two years now. Hopefully this blog will lead to her immediate arrest by the Fitchburg Police.

This is not the blog I expected to write today, but such is my life. This is what I do for a living. How’s your Friday going?


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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