Former BAA President Joann Flaminio Identified As Woman Who Threw American Flag On The Ground During Boston Marathon National Anthem


Earlier today we published a blog about Granny McTreason throwing the American flag on the ground, during the National anthem, to celebrate the first American to win the Boston Marathon wheelchair race in 26 years.

The BAA issued a weak sauce apology, saying that they’d be “reviewing our Awards protocol to ensure that this does not happen again,” because evidently they have to be taught not to throw the American flag on the ground.

But this rang hollow to a lot of people because the woman who did it should come forward and apologize herself. That wasn’t an accident, and it was likely done because either, a) the flag was blocking the John Hancock logo (which they probably pay good money for to be seen on TV), or b) nationalism is now a bad thing because Trump is President.

My money was on the latter, and it seems to be much more likely now that we know who Granny McTreason is. Meet Joanna Flaminio of Providence:

She was the President of the BAA from 2011 to 2017, and she rubs elbows with Bob Kraft and other high profile people.

Based on her Facebook posts it’s pretty clear what team she’s on:

That was all I really needed to see. She thinks Brett Kavanaugh should’ve apologized for being a sexual predator, even though it’s pretty common knowledge at this point that Christine Blasey-Ford got in front of Congress and lied her face off for the million dollar GoFundMe. This is the kind of person she is and how she thinks. And there is ZERO doubt in my mind that a person who thinks that due process and other American things like that aren’t important would be the same kind of person who would see the American flag as problematic, since it represents those values.

She’s a resister all the way:

And constantly posts left wing talking points on Facebook.

She seems to take great pride in getting on camera with the marathon winners every year, and an American flag would certainly take away the spotlight from her.


Joann Flaminio owes every American an explanation and apology, directly from her, for what she did today. She is the former President of this organization. Andy protocol they set up was done by her. Either she violated her own rules or banning the flag is one of her rules. She needs to answer.


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