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Former Beauty Pageant Cheater Upset That Friend Is Now Using Her Fake Suicide Story To Win Beauty Pageants


You will never guess who re-emerged today.

It’s been a year to the day since we last blogged about Maude the Fraud Gorman, because let’s be honest – we all get the point. She’s a pathological liar and an attention seeking narcissist who has repeatedly used a fake rape story to win beauty pageants, self-victimized for personal gain, cheated in road races, pretended to have cancer, pretended to be a student at Brown, and a plethora of other fraudulent activities. Catch up on all of our Maude coverage by clicking here

A turtle rider who is a member of a small (5K members) private Facebook group for women helping women with women issues, noticed a familiar name posting today about her suicide story.

Maude all of a sudden does not want her “story” about suicide being discussed publicly, despite the fact that she publicly used an alleged suicide story to get pity and attention in order to distract from the fact that she was caught cheating in several ultramarathons.

Now she claims she doesn’t want her “best friend” to use her suicide story to win beauty pageants because she’s “not strong enough for this to be shared.”

Maude must’ve forgotten that she once drove to the Sagamore Bridge after being exposed as a liar and a cheater, taken pictures pretending to contemplate suicide, and then held onto those pictures for months so she could post them on IG.

But besides that she doesn’t want anyone else using her story about contemplating suicide to win competitions. Only Maude the Fraud can use fake stories about being gang raped by high school boys at a public park in Hingham, and then pretend to be offended by a Dad joke because it used the phrase “me too,” in order to win beauty pageants.

Maude doesn’t have a self harm problem, she has an Internet problem. It’s a real addiction which affects everything she does. The person she projects herself to be online is not the real her, but it makes her feel complete. The problem with that is that you never establish real life relationships or friendships, which is why she was literally begging people to be her friend a few weeks ago.

Maude dropped out of high school and her parents allowed her to finish school online because she partied too much and blamed everything on the fake rape story.

She has no friends because she cannot stand for a second when people pay attention to someone who isn’t Maude the Fraud. It’s why she was called out by the pageant organizer for stealing the limelight from the first ever black Miss Massachusetts.

People like Maude have a real disease. They are so addicted to Internet attention that they’re willing to sacrifice real life relationships to make up for it. Maude has no friends because she is a selfish, narcissistic spoiled brat.

It’s why she feels the need to pretend to have cancer, pretend to be a rape victim, pretend to be a #MeToo champion, pretend be suicidal, and then pretend that she doesn’t want other people talking about it. Because Internet Maude is not real Maude, and the mainstream media used her sickness to push their agenda.


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