Former State Rep Candidate Caught Trying To Have Sex With 14 Year Old Boy Changed His Name To Get Job At Providence Old Folk’s Home Where He’s Hosting A Drag Show


Last year we wrote a blog about former North Attleborough State Rep candidate Matthew “worship my balls” Trowbridge after he was caught by the Mass Predator Poachers trying to meet up with a 14 year old boy for sex. He also was a Santa and Batman at a children’s hospital. The Predator Poachers have removed their video and Poacher Jay appears to have taken down his Facebook page, so I can’t reach out to him to ask why. But the screenshots and chat logs are still on the blog.

These were my closing remarks from the Santa blog:

This is a serial predator, and one who is adaptable enough to reintegrate into mainstream society. He likely has learned nothing from this and is out there on the prowl once again. I am publishing this so that it will increase the chances that it will come up when you Google Matthew Trowbridge and everyone will know what a sicko he is.

Truer words have never been spoken. Matt Trowbridge is very adaptable and had no interest in leaving town after he was fired from his job in an old folk’s home.

And I was right about Google being a problem for him, which is why he changed his name to the much more common name “Matt Kelly,” and goes by Matt Ryan on his extremely creepy Facebook page.

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Changing his name to Matt Kelly was smart, since there are many people with that name. This made it easier for him to get his new job at Elmhurst Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center in Providence.


Oh, and in his new job he’s trying to bring a drag queen show to the old folks home, because that’s the kind of degenerate behavior the elderly are known to enjoy.

Predators like this never go away because they think they’re smarter than everyone else. Guarantee that he hasn’t stopped going after kids too. You don’t just stop doing that one day, and he’s clearly not regretful at all. Feel free to message Elmhurst on Facebook to let them know about “Matt Kelly’s” history as Matt Trowbridge.


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