Former State Rep Celebrates Getting Marty Walsh To Shut Down Boston Harbor Cruise After Taking Picture Of People Partying On Boat 


Marty Walz (not the Mayor), is a former State Representative who stepped down in 2015 to become CEO of Planned Parenthood.

Today she is the Principal of her own law firm. As you can see she looks exactly like they always look. And when I say “they” I mean wealthy white women from the Back Bay who are consumed with white guilt and are an active part of the “resistance.”

She’s also a mega Karen who has completely bought into the idea that human beings should not interact with one another due to COVID, even though she said nothing about the protests with over 50K people in Boston.  On July 25 she posted this image of a Boston Harbor cruise that went viral and was picked up by the media.

The Karens and coronobros freaked out over it like they always do, calling it a “mass murderous image.”

People congregating on boats is dangerous, but this isn’t.

Thank goodness for science.

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The media ran with her Karening, and the next thing you know Bay State Harbor Cruises was issued a cease and desist.

The company says that they weren’t in violation of the imaginary law either.

On Monday, company owner Michael Glasfeld said in a statement that the boat sailed at 33 percent capacity, and there was enough room for passengers to socially distance.

“Clearly, this is a situation where the public’s view is far more important than whether or not we are conducting activities in accordance with regulations,” he said. “We value our reputation as being a company that does the right thing, and we are working with the City of Boston’s Dept. of Health this week to further work on what needs working on.

Nevertheless Marty felt a sense of accomplishment that she was able to get a business shut down that has already been suffering after months of draconian lockdown edicts, because “we’re all in this together.”


Tens of thousands of people protesting in Boston sure indicates to me that we’re all in this together.

The real Marty Walsh issued a statement bragging about his big victory.

“This weekend’s mass gathering on a boat in the harbor represents a serious threat to public health, which is why today the Boston Public Health Commission together with the state’s Department of Labor Standards issued a cease-and-desist order to Bay State Cruise Company,” Mayor Marty Walsh said in a statement. “We’ve made great sacrifices and worked hard over the last few months to stop the very real and very dangerous spread of COVID-19, and it’s vital every person and every business take this public health emergency seriously, and do their part to keep their families, neighbors and communities safe.” 

He’s “made great sacrifices” by allowing the protests. He’s “worked hard” by building junkie cages for every drug addict in Boston to congregate in close quarters without masks on, buy and sell heroin legally, and then walk around the city spreading disease as they panhandle.

The City of Boston will let junkies and rioters do whatever they want, but won’t allow law abiding people go out for a cruise and enjoy their lives instead of living in fear. I’d say that I’m surprised but we’re living in a society where people support a tyrannical government that threw out all their civil liberties in order to protect us from a virus with a 99.98% recovery rate.


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