Four Boston Juveniles Charged In South Station Beating, Car Belonged To 18 Year Old Belmont Man Who Isn’t Being Charged


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According to a press release, 4 juveniles are being charged for jumping and beating a 20 year old man named Adam Neufell outside of South Station that was all caught on film.



Police said two 16-year-olds from South Boston, another 16-year-old from Allston and a 15-year-old from Allston will face assault and battery and larceny charges.

The witness who recorded the cell phone video that helped police quickly identify those teenagers spoke with Boston 25 News. The woman, who wants to remain anonymous, said she was horrified by the joy the teens seemed to be getting from the beating. She said the victim, 20-year-old Adam Neufell, did nothing to provoke the attack from what she saw. The drummer for the Worcester-based band “Young Other” was reportedly looking at a map with his girlfriend when the teens jumped out of an SUV.

“They had so much anger,” recalled the witness. “I was even more worried because I’m five months pregnant, and the attack could have also been to me.”

They’re not releasing the names of the young hoodlums, and they’re not telling the victim’s family either. But our sources are telling us the 4 juveniles were 4 of the 5 kids that were mentioned in various comments sections – Robert Wisniewski, Paul “Sonny” McColgan, Ryan MacDonald, and Chris Alexander. Mullen Byrne’s name was thrown around by a lot of people, but he was reportedly not involved.

According to sources, Wisniewski was the kid running away in the first video.

McColgan was the one with no shirt on.

MacDonald was the one in the BFD shirt.

And Alexander was the one in the sweatshirt.

It still hasn’t been made clear why they were all in a car registered to a man in his 50’s from Belmont named Jonathan Baldi. However, sources tell us that the car was a gift to his 18 year old son Ryan Baldi.

It’s unclear how Baldi knew these other kids, but that is definitely his car. It would make sense that the driver would remain in the car and wouldn’t leave a running vehicle in Boston traffic.

These kids did a horrible thing and should be held accountable for their actions. What they did was cowardly, cruel, vicious, and could’ve easily resulted in an innocent man’s death. They should be grateful that he didn’t die or they’d be facing a much different fate. The victim’s crime was having long hair, and there was basically nothing he could’ve done differently to avoid his fate.


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