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Southie Thugs Caught On Video Beating Local Drummer Outside South Station Before Driving Away


*Editors Note* We have an update to this story here.

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On Thursday night a man named Adam Neufell, a drummer in a band called Young Other, was viciously beaten alongside his girlfriend by four thugs who got out of their car at South Station after yelling at him for having long hair. Watch the video here captured by two drivers passing by.




As you can see in the video, at least 4 of these J Crew rejects viciously beat this guy and assaulted the woman who tried to get them off of him. Some have said that there may be more to the story since we’re only seeing this part of the video, but what else do you need to see? A man is on the ground being beaten and 4 cowards run into a car and drive away. Please, tell me a scenario in which this would be justified, and why would they drive away if they did nothing wrong. The fact that the car was sitting in traffic shows that they were just driving around Boston and likely started taunting the poor guy. Because when thugs like this get in groups they suddenly get a lot tougher than they really are.

As you can see they were smiling and laughing as they ran away with the man’s hat and left his lifeless body on the street.

Boston Police are investigating but the young thugs haven’t been identified. If you recognize any of them with certainty, feel free to email [email protected], or message me at Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook so we can expose, humiliate, and shame them.

The license plate traces back to  man named Jonathan Baldi from Belmont. We reached out to him for comment but haven’t heard back. He listed a trucking/transportation company called Lily Transportation Corporation in Needham as his employer on Facebook.

Baldi appears to be a well respected member of the community, and a father to boys around the age of those who beat the crap out of Adam Neufell. He owns a nonprofit called Belmont Travel Basketball Corporation.

It seems unlikely he would be actings as the getaway driver with a car full of young men who go around jumping people late night in Boston. My first assumption that one of his sons was driving, but he doesn’t seem to have a connection to any of the men whose names have been mentioned on social media as being responsible for the attack. The 5 names that keep getting posted are Robert Wisniewski, Sonny McColgan, Mullen Byrne, Ryan MacDonald, and Chris Alexander, all of Boston. All of them immediately took down their Instagram and/or Facebook accounts after being named in the comments by multiple people.




To be clear, we can’t confirm that any of these are the actual people involved in the beating.


As you can see from all these Southie and Aidan’s and McG’s, stereotypes exist for a reason.

A woman by the name of Karen McDonald, who claimed to be the mother of Ryan McDonald, briefly posted on the victim’s father’s page, claiming that her son was getting threats. The comment was removed before we could get a screenshot, but witnesses tell us they saw it (always screenshot people!).

If these kids are 17 then the mainstream media won’t be naming and shaming them as they should for this unprovoked attack, but we will. If you have any more information or pictures of these punks, feel free to sent them to [email protected] or message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook. I’d also be curious to hear from Jonathan Baldi, so he can explain why a car registered in his name was used in this heinous crime.

*Editors Note* We have an update to this story here


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