Foxborough Priest Accuses Turtleboy Of Being Terrorist Blogger For Supporting Matt Light’s School Committee Run, Says Jesus Flipped Tables So Hate Is OK


A few days ago I published a blog about former Patriots tackle Matt Light running for School Committee in Foxborough, which greatly upset the communists because he doesn’t believe in mask theater and is clearly right leaning.

In response to this rather harmless blog the townsfolk are losing their minds. A boomer called Jeanne Dyer has outright accused Matt Light of having at least one friend “on Turtleboy.”

Because everyone knows that Matt Light secretly plots with Turtleboy to weaponize the blog against communists in town.


Claire Naughton, an MTA activist whose husband has repeatedly embarrassed the State Democratic Party by saying insanely offensive things he was later forced to apologize for, was particularly upset that her son got married in a skirt.

A kilt is a skirt, Claire.

The skirt comment really got to Jeanne too, which she called a bullying tactic.

The fact that people this old are so invested in controlling schools their children all left decades ago is exactly why school boards need people like Matt Light on them.

Someone asked Jeanne why she seemed so obsessed with Matt Light and Turtleboy.

She pretended that she really wanted to get an answer from Matt Light, as if she had any intention of voting for him.

Jeanne, you got smeared as a commie because you are one. We’re done pretending that people like you believe in “liberalism.” You clearly don’t. You believe in authoritarianism that gives power to a small handful of elites while the rest of society struggles for scraps.

This is “Reverend” Edward Cardoza.

He’s yet another activist masquerading as a religious leader in order to gain legitimacy and pretend that he’s some sort of man of God. The guy loves media attention, and states that he is “committed to social justice.”

According to Pastor Ed the blog we published is “voter intimidation and bullying,” and “injecting MAGA venom” into the race. He blamed Matt Light for “allowing” “terror bloggers” like me to publish this blog, and suggested he hold a Holy Week protest.

Pastor Ed is a bigoted communist and a tool for the ruling class. To refer to those who don’t want children to be abused by adults via forced masking as “MAGA venom” and “terror blogging” is divisive and hateful, and not something a real priest would do. He also said it was OK to villainize half the population because Jesus lost his temper one time and flipped a bunch of tables in a temple, and he doesn’t have to love they neighbor if his neighbors are “tolerating hate and bad policy.”

But he gets to decide what is hate and bad policy.

Suzanna McKay claims that “threats” are coming at residents because of the terror blogger’s post.

Why do they always look like this?

No one is sending threats Suzanne. We know that this is a communist trick that you people use to try to discredit opposing viewpoints, but it’s not working anymore and no one believes you.

People really wanted Pastor Ed to shut up, but he wanted to make sure Matt Light distanced himself from Turtleboy and was upset that the media wasn’t talking about it.

I have never spoken to Matt Light in my life, and I don’t live in Foxborough, but apparently he’s required to issue a public statement condemning me in order to please a bunch of communists like Pastor Ed who aren’t gonna vote for him anyway.

At least Claire appreciated it.


Bruh, I’m a human being too. Yet here you are expending all this energy attacking me and calling me a “terror blogger” because I have different opinions than you do. If I was as think skinned as you pretend to be that would be pretty hurtful. But I know you don’t really believe I’m a terrorist blogger, you’re just a communist foot soldier doing what you have to do to discredit the opposition. You’re not the good person you think you are, and you really need to get over yourself.

As for the “MAGA venom,” he doesn’t have to love thy neighbor because MAGA venom inspired parents to go to School Committee meetings and advocate for their children.

These people are threatened because average, every day parents (like Matt Light) started paying attention to what was happening in their kids schools, and then they began voicing their opinions about that at School Committee meetings. In Pastor Ed’s mind they have no right to do that because they’re not allowed to challenge the ruling class. In order to discredit them Pastor Ed lies about who they are and what they’re advocating for because he is a shameless liar who will spend eternity burning in Hell. I know this because I’m a Pope.

Ed Cardoza ia a bad person who pretends to be a priest because he gives him the aura of legitimacy. People will pay attention to him more, then he’ll selectively choose things in the Bible that he believes justify his bigotry and hatred. But in the spirit of Jesus I’d like to invite him on the Live show this weekend to discuss our differences. Please email me at [email protected], and may the God of MAGA venom watch over you and your dogs.


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