Framingham Mom Seeks 10 Year Old Boy On Facebook Who She Can Drop 3 Year Old Off With For A Few Hours Because He’s Bugging Her


This is Ada Salie from Framingham.

The mother of 3 is originally from Romania and is therefore required to train her children to be world class gymnasts. However, her three year old son apparently annoys her, so yesterday she went on a community Facebook group and asked if anyone had a spare 10 year old who would hang out with the kid for a few hours.

“My son Jaden bugs me, so I was wondering if anyone on Facebook has a 10 year old my child has never met who I could dump him off on? Maybe a home schooled kid? It’s not like they do anything all day anyway.”

Everyone knows homeschooled kids get Fridays off. That’s just science.

A few people did point out that it seems incredibly unwise to just dump your kid off at a stranger’s house because they “bug” you. She wasn’t trying to hear that though.

Listen lady, you’re not in the communist bloc anymore. This is Facebook and you don’t really know any of these people. Maybe it’s a weakness of Americans, but we don’t raise our kids to be that grizzled at the age of 3.

The best part is the cheapness of it. If the kid is 10 she’s gonna pay him $8 an hour, but if he’s 14 then he can make $10 an hour. She’s actually done this before:

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Ummm…it’s the same job. You should probably pay the human being who does it the same amount of money. Or have your husband actually help you out. Just sayin.

Last year she was also looking for a high school kid, or a “proactive” middle school kid to come over her house for three hours and swim with her 2 and 4 year olds in her pool. She offered $12 an hour plus pool privileges, or unlimited pool usage if they babysat for free. The most remarkable part is that she was actually going to be home while this was happening, and just didn’t feel like watching them.

Wait, what? They’re 2 and 4. There’s no way the 2 year old knows how to swim, and you’re just entrusting their lives in a pool with a 13 year old stranger someone sent over on Facebook? What could possibly go wrong?

I’ve had a 2 and 4 year old before, so I know how hard it is to get work done with kids around. But there’s a million and one ways you could keep them busy. Like throwing on Peppa Pig reruns, or giving them some blocks to play with. Maybe while you’re working wouldn’t be the best time to have your 2 and 4 year olds experiment with swimming with a 13 year old stranger you got from Facebook.

She just seems really into penny pinching with child labor in general.

Here’s an idea Barbara Bucharest – if you don’t have time to swim with your kids in the pool, then don’t have a chicken coop. Or do the work yourself.

This was my favorite post though.

That is the most communist bloc thing I’ve ever read. A small child was sent on an international flight to Poland without a parent, to compete in the international rhythmic gymnastics tournament, and she wants to shame Delta airlines for allegedly separating the small child from her chaperone. Yet this child was able to not only find her connector flight alone in an unknown European airport, but then went on to win the gold medal for the USA 4 year olds in Warsaw. This is why the Nazis never made it past Stalingrad.


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