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Franklin Mom Brittany McKinnon Uses $20 Change Scam To Steal From Del’s Lemonade In Cumberalnd, Has Been Doing This For Years 


This is Brittany McKinnon from Franklin.

She’s in a 20 year relationship with a guy named Jason Morris and they have one son together.

Two days ago this Franklin Facial Frog went to Del’s Lemonade in Cumberland, RI and pulled a scam that she’s been doing for years. Watch and see if you can see it.

See what she did? She pays with a $100 bill, gets back $60 in change, puts $20 in her pocket, then tells the cashier she only got $40 back. Notice how the top bill is folded up when she gets it.

Then her left hand grabs the $20 and puts it in her pocket, which you can tell because she’s bending her elbow.

Now you’ll notice the top bill is no longer folded up because that bill is in her pocket.

The unsuspecting young cashier assumes she made a mistake, because why would someone lie about this?

And the answer to that is – because she’s an infamous ratchet whose been doing this all across Massachusetts and Rhode Island for years, and she targets places with young cashiers who are too afraid or nervous to call her out on her scam.



She has Google trophies galore, of course. Her and Jason have multiple recent evictions in border town Woonsocket.

She has charges for something called “OMUFP,” which means “obtaining money under false pretenses,” and usually involves writing fake checks that you cash at banks. She was one of several people charged in 2014 when the Rhode Island State Police did a two year investigation into over $800K in stolen money.

She’s also been charged with falsely reporting a crime.

And her boyfriend isn’t much better. Dude is always in court being chased by creditors.

Or getting arrested for obstructing an officer and resisting arrest.

She’s also lived in Massachusetts (which really needs a judicial portal like Rhode Island has) where she’s been known to get arrested for outstanding warrants.

Because, of course she has warrants.

In October of 2016 there was allegedly a fire at their apartment in Franklin which they turned into a GoFundMe that the community rallied around.

McKinnon’s mother started the online campaign, which raised $1,760 as of Tuesday afternoon. A main goal of the fundraising is to help find the family a place to live – one that is in the area covered by the Davis-Thayer Elementary School, where 5-year-old Braydyn attends kindergarten.

Of course they named their child something that rhymes with Aidan. It’s required by law in order to collect food stamps. The article mentions that Jason is her “fiance,” because that’s what guttermuppets do when they’re in a 20 year on and off again relationship with someone they have no intention of marrying. It also says that she was pregnant when this fire happened.

McKinnon, who is expecting another child in February, praised the Davis-Thayer community and Fanning for their work.

But on her page there are no signs of another child, and this was likely a lie to raise more money. Just Braydyn with 2 y’s.

Of course one con falls for another, and she fell hard for the Mikayla Miller lynching hoax.

Except she even screwed that up.

Say “my” name. Chill out there melanin-deficient Beyonce.

Look who she’s friends with too.

Hopedale Herbalife Mom Jill Salvucci, who terrorizes her neighbors with her man eating dogs and films herself driving around swearing up a storm, calling people “retards” with her litter of unrestrained raw dog trophies in the back seat.

Of course they know each other. Because, of course they do.

Brittany wanted to let the world know recently how sad she was because she works so hard to make other people smile.

Except for the people she steals from on a daily basis to survive.

She had another Facebook page, in which she claimed to be studying to become a counselor, but apparently she took it down.

But if you end up on Turtleboy you shouldn’t be counseling anyone in anything.



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