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Franklin Teacher Who Led Bullying Campaign Against Black And White Grille For Supporting Ron Tarentino Also Smeared Her Kid’s Photographer For Liking A Facebook Post, Compared Black People To Special Needs Kids


Earlier in the week we blogged about a Franklin Middle School teacher named Rachel Garay who organized a smear campaign against the Black and White Grille in Spencer, and encouraged her friends to give fraudulent negative reviews to them because her server had a thin blue line symbol on her shirt in honor of murdered Auburn Police Officer Ron Tarentino.

People like this are bullies, but yet they present themselves as the moral authority by cloaking themselves in the facade of racial justice. Ron Tarentino was an innocent father of three who was murdered by a career criminal. Honoring his legacy is not racist, and people like Rachel Garay who attack you for supporting fundraisers in his honor are not anti-racist. They’re just bullies who like to hurt innocent people. I explained this all on the Live Show Tuesday night. (Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and never miss an episode)

However, I believe in forgiveness and redemption because Turtleboy is fair and just. After reading this blog about her and being called out for being the bully that she is, perhaps Rachel Garay had a change of heart. Maybe she didn’t know about Ron Tarentino, or the fact that the owner of the Black and White Grille was a police officer. If she came on social media and apologized to the Black and White and the Tarentino family for wrongly smearing them then I would forgive her.

Instead she did the opposite. Here’s a message she sent a mutual friend, who she knew was a turtle rider, pretending to care about her safety as a way to get her to defriend me and not message me with information about Rachel.

This woman was led to believe by Rachel that she was featured in the blog and was quite upset. Now she knows she was lied to, and I know that Rachel has zero remorse because she still considers herself the victim in this.

“He will post your messages and torment us even more.”

Rachel, you’re the one who tormented the Black and White Grille. I’m just the guy who stood up to you. I don’t attack innocent people like your friend, and it was cruel of you to drag her into it.

Here’s another message we got about Rachel Garay from a photographer whose image we used in the blog. Rachel smeared her as a racist this summer and ended their professional relationship after the turtle rider liked a Facebook post from Phantom Gourmet CEO Dave Andelman.

Rachel Garay the woman you put on blast was my photography client for years . The picture you posted of her, was taken by me . When corona happened I liked a post from the Mendon Drive in because they said they were opening and I support local small businesses. She tagged me in posts showing me where Dave Andelman said stop looting or taking a knee. I would not agree with her want to defund the police or taking a knee or looting. I couldn’t. I support the police and looting and rioting is wrong. That’s how I feel and although she was bullying me I just couldn’t go against my beliefs. So she essentially fired me and actually talked some other clients into no longer using me. Her sister went to my sisters baby shower. I’ve taken pictures of her son since he was a baby. I was devastated and I cried and I was afraid she would take my business. I am a single mother of a special needs child and my second job makes ends meet. So I kept quiet. 

But staying neutral wasn’t enough for Rachel Garay. She messaged her and demanded to know where the woman stood and why she wasn’t responding to tags. She also compared the woman’s special needs son to being born black.

“I just got a shirt that says white silence equals white consent.”

And we’re all very proud of you dear.

Want a cookie?

“I know that you are such an advocate for (her son) and I am hopeful that you are an advocate for other oppressed groups of people such as people of color.”

Dave Andelman wasn’t “oppressing” anyone because he made jokes about wanting to open his business, after seeing the government allow mobs of thousands of people to loot major American cities nationwide. He was speaking for millions of Americans who saw the hypocrisy unfolding in front of our eyes and was attacked for saying what we were thinking.

The fact that she thinks being born special needs and being born black are equivalent, or even remotely related, is racist and tone deaf. Being black is not special needs. You’re not oppressed because you’re born with darker skin color. But if you’re born with special needs that are many things you’ll never be able to do because you physically can’t. For this woman to compare her husband to a special needs child is just gross.

And how bout the way she uses her husband Alex as a pawn for her agenda. This poor guy.

“On any given day Alex could be one of these black men who have been killed for no reason other than being considered black and intimidating. If you don’t know him he is just another threatening black male.”

No, your husband is not randomly going to be killed by police because he’s black. That’s not how any of this works. The fact that she believes that being born black and being born with special needs are at all equivalent reveals her patriarchal attitude towards black people. Special needs kids need help to survive. Black people don’t, but she thinks they do. She is their savior, just as a special needs child’s mother is to them. This is what she considers her husband.

She seems to have married him just so she can play the victim, something she couldn’t do as a basic white woman. Her husband seems like a regular guy and a good Dad. Literally nobody would look at him and say, “wow, that guy looks just like another threatening black male.” Nobody would say that except for a racist like Rachel Garay.

She wrote this insane message specifically because her photographer chose not to join in on her bullying campaign of the Mendon Drive-in Theater. It wasn’t enough for the photographer to say nothing at all. She had to become a bully, or else she would have to be destroyed too. This is the same behavior Rachel displayed towards the Black and White. These people think it’s OK to destroy the livelihoods of others because they’re “fighting oppression,” when in fact it is they who are the oppressors.

This is why Turtleboy exists though. After writing the blog I went to the Black and White to pick up food and posted a picture from outside on Facebook.

It got over a thousand likes and inspired a north shore cop to do this.

Good must always defeat evil. There are a lot of really good people out there, including the owners of the Black and White. Unfortunately evil people like Rachel Garay win when nobody stands up to them. But this is literally what I wake up to do every day – protect good people from the bad people trying to destroy them.


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