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Franklin And Westwood Teachers Smear Spencer Restaurant With Bad Reviews For Wearing Shirts Honoring Murdered Auburn Police Officer Ron Tarentino


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The Black and White Grille in Spencer is in my rotation of restaurants that we go to and order out from, and their menu is huge and amazing. I can’t say enough good things about it. They also have ice cream.

If you want to support them after reading this blog (which you should), tell them that Turtleboy sent you when you order. Fight cancel culture with love and support for those being cancelled.

Spencer is one town over from Leicester, home of Ron Tarentino, the Auburn Police Officer who was murdered by a career criminal during a traffic stop in 2016. Like many local businesses in the area the Black and White have been huge supporters of the Tarentino family since that horrible, tragic day that those of us around here remember all too well. They are unapologetic about showing their support for their local hometown hero.

Some of the shirts worn by servers even feature the thin blue line symbol to honor Ron Tarentino and his family.

This is Rachel Garay, a teacher in Franklin.

Rachel grew up in the almost entirely white community of Hopedale before moving to the only slightly less white town of Milford, and now teaches in the almost entirely white town of Franklin. However, she married a black man and she constantly reminds you of it on her Facebook page.

“Reverse racism isn’t real.”

You’re absolutely right. It’s just called racism. Like when the Wellesley Public Schools ban entire races of kids (white only) from attending school sanctioned events. That’s racism, not reverse racism.

“Have you ever been called the n word.”

No, because I’m white so that makes no sense. I have been called “white bread,” “white boy,” “cracker ass bitch,” and other terms of endearment growing up in the Worcester Public Schools as a racial minority though.

“Have you ever been afraid to leave your house with your family because of your race.”

I had some friends who lived on Shelby Street back in the day, and to get there we had to go through Plumley Village. And if you weren’t Puerto Rican driving through there on a hot summer day, good luck.

I know these things because unlike Rachel Garay I grew up in a diverse, multicultural society that taught me a lot about people of different races. Turns out they’re just like regular people and we don’t have to treat them like delicate porcelain dolls who need white people to protect them.

Rachel somehow recently went out to eat at the Black and White Grille (it’s way out of the way from Milford) and ended up leaving them a bad review because one of the servers wore a shirt honoring Ron Tarentino.

These are the traumatic shirts she’s referring to.

They made T-shirts for Ron’s 5k run a few years back and everyone loved them so they made another batch for the staff and some customers. The owner is a police officer himself, and none of his employees are forced to wear the shirt.

Nevertheless Rachel’s friends all comforted her for the trauma of having to be served a meal of food by someone wearing a shirt she doesn’t like.

“So sorry this happened to you guys.”

She got to eat the best club sandwich I’ve ever had.

Thots and shares.

She was upset with her husband for not being as upset as she was.

“I ask him why he doesn’t get upset all the time.”

Imagine treating your husband like a token who’s supposed to be offended by a shirt honoring a murdered police officer? Ron Tarentino was a human being. He left behind a wife and three sons. Spenser Tarentino gave one of the most tear jerking eulogies you will ever see at his funeral.

Remember, all those people complaining about the shirt object to the fact that the restaurant is honoring this family. They think Ron Tarentino was a racist because he was a cop, and that it’s preferable that the Black and White honor George Floyd instead. That’s how evil they are.

To these people restaurants are not allowed to honor a man from the town over who sacrificed his life for the community! They’re only allowed to say that black lives matter, unless it’s a black cop like David Dorn, or any of the thousands of black people murdered every week in this country. The only black lives that matter are the ones who die while resisting arrest. She left the same review on Yelp.

And she encouraged others who never stepped foot in this business to do the same. One of them was her coworker at Annie Sullivan Middle School, 6th grade science teacher Carol Allen.

“Making your employees wear Blue Lives Matter shirt is racism, pure and simple.”

No one had to ear the shirt, and it’s certainly not racism to honor Ron Tarentino. Racism is assuming that an entire race of people hates the police and needs white women to save them from their protection. Carol Allen is a racist, so it’s not surprising that she would support remote learning for her students, given that remote learning disproportionately hurts students of color. She seemed to recognize that in a June post.

But then a few weeks later she was demanding that this racist policy be implemented, because she is a racist white woman.

But she attempts to mask her white supremacy by attacking other white people like former Phantom Gourmet CEO Dave Andelman for making satirical Facebook posts about supporting police and being allowed to reopen their businesses.

She wants to force Andelman to have a “black film festival” at his movie theater in order to pay reparations for the harm he caused with his Facebook posts.

She doesn’t know any black people, but she knows someone who’s married to a black guy, so she’ll have to use that.

But it’s all just performative outrage from a racist white woman looking to deflect from her own racism.

Jessica Pink is a Westwood Middle School teacher who left a one star review for a business she’s never stepped foot in as well.

Because destroying small businesses who have suffered for the last year during the pandemic while teachers got paid their full salary to work from home is fun and games to her.

Jessica is so white she makes Abercrombie look like FUBU. She is also a suspected white supremacist, who attended Bridgewater State and appears to have pledged a sorority that doesn’t seem to allow black women to join.

Jessica teaches in the almost entirely white town of Westwood and coaches field hockey in the even more entirely white town of Hopedale.

But she will take offense on behalf of black people she’s never spoken to before.

Since Jessica thinks it’s fun and games to attack random businesses she was told not to like, I’m sure she won’t object if turtle riders do the same to her Metro West Storm Field Hockey Club, whose Facebook page can be accessed by clicking here.



Rachel Garay has sacrificed nothing for her community, because unlike Ron Tarentino she has refused to go into work during the pandemic because she’s afraid of a virus. Contrast that cowardice with what every police officer has done by going into work before and after the pandemic, and you understand who the real heroes in our community are. Ron Tarentino went to work every day knowing he could be shot and killed by a career criminal like Jorge Zambrano. Police officers in Rutland, Boston, and Taunton have caught COVID on the job and died from it. But they keep going to work anyway because they are essential. Not Rachel Garay though. She’s a coward, not a hero. Here she is complaining about people who expect her to go to work and educate their children so that their parents can go to work and pay their bills too.

“Are some people’s lives so expendable.”

Yes, his name was Ron Tarentino. To you his life was expendable and honoring his sacrifice means your business should be destroyed. But to the owners of the Black and White his life was not expendable and they believe he should always be remembered. We agree with them.


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