Poor Behavior

Friends And Family Congratulate Warwick Man Who Announced Knocking Up Teen Girlfriend He Groomed Despite Charges Of Indecent Solicitation Of A Child


This is David Simmons from Warwick.


A few weeks ago he announced on Facebook that he was gonna be a father, and was rather excited about it.


This is the baby momma Christyanna Degrasse from West Warwick.


And there’s just one problem with her:

She turned 17 in April, and David is 24. Before turning 17 she ran away to be with him and was reported as a missing child.


According to the Warwick Post David was charged with indecent solicitation of a child in 2017 when she was 12 and he was 19.

In other words, he’s been grooming her for quite sometime.

He also has a plethora of other Google trophies during that time, including some recent ones for domestic violence and vandalism, and at least 5 for driving without a license.


He made the the raw dog participation trophy announcement 3 weeks ago, but a couple days ago it began going viral when people realized that the insanity of a kiddie diddling groomer announcing that he knocked up an underage girl on Facebook. He is apparently locked out of his Facebook account so he can’t delete the post, which has led to a bunch of other alleged victims coming forward to tell their stories. Girls are accusing him of taking advantage of them when they relapsed and were underage, getting minors drugs and booze, assaulting teen girls, and more.





Here he is admitting to hooking up with a 14 year old when he was 18 or 19.









Nevertheless, a lot of people were congratulating the Teenage Tuna Torpedo on his pregnancy announcement.



But perhaps none of them were as creepy as Gavin Seim, who accused concerned individuals of being “state worshiping psychopaths” worried about the normal act of a 16 going on 17 year old girl getting knocked up by a man who was previously charged with indecent solicitation of a child.


Gavin seems like your normal, every day, run of the mill anarchist who hates cops, doesn’t think people should go to jail for killing other people, and hates DCF for kidnapping his kids.


He wasn’t the only one asking what the big deal was. Like Arri Reid pointed out – at least the Teenage Tuna Torpedo isn’t planning on being a deadbeat.

It’s OK to knock up underage girls as long as you stick around to raise the babies.

Others pointed out that it’s perfectly normal for adults to groom 12 year old girls and impregnate them the moment that you can no longer legally be charged with statutory rape.


“If it were 5 years down the road…”

Yea, but it’s not Brant. And it would be a lot easier if you just came out and said that you’re OK with grooming.



Christyanna and her family also were there to defend his honor.



Then her sister Autumn jumped in to defend the Gregory Groomer.


Oh OK. The 12 year old girl consented to being groomed. And since it’s not illegal for a man who has been arrested for sex crimes against children to get a 16 year old pregnant for some reason, it is therefore OK.


Check out who I found on Autumn’s Facebook page.

That would be Amanda Sawyer, the lunatic West Warwick mother who called into the Live Show from the loony bin, decorated her car with anti-police rhetoric, and offered drunk drivers free rides if they sat there and listened to her about how her son was falsely accused of beating his 16 year old girlfriend. Autumn was the son’s girlfriend! So it’s not surprising that she would think it’s normal to do this to teenage girls.





Nobody was creepier than Uncle Steve Desrosiers though.




Yea, what’s the big deal? Lots of people have boinked high school juniors after spending several years grooming them. You’re all just jealous because you wish you could have what Uncle Steve has!



A bunch of Google trophies and bad debt.

According to Christyanna her parents know about the grown man who knocked up their daughter too.

Which isn’t exactly shocking, considering her father Brian Desrosiers posted about the memorable “I hate yous” he had with his daughter that bonded them together, and was arrested in 2018 for child abuse.

Also, the Teenage Tuna Torpedo might have another kid too, because his cover photo is of him and a little girl.


But he’s probably the last person who should be handing out dating advice on social media.


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