Poor Behavior

Friends And Family Of Manchester Man Featured In Blog For Resisting Arrest Video Threaten Turtleboy With Deformation Lawsuits

On Saturday we published a blog about a blog about a man named Daniel Pihl, who was filmed resisting arrest in Manchester.

A brief Google search of Daniel Phil shows that he has been arrested several times, including for:

And that’s just the stuff that came up on page 1 of Google.

Nevertheless, we have received a whole bunch of messages over the last few days from friends and family members who aren’t fans of Turtleboy after they saw the blog. We will review their grievances one by one.



Mal Walker was initially upset about the arrest of her son, and vowed to fly to Manchester next weekend to confront the police about the way her sweet baby boy was treated.


After the blog was published she went FULL CAPS LOCK, and said she wanted to meet me face to face.

Obviously I had to invite her onto the Live Show to give her a chance to share her thoughts about the blog, and although she sounded enthusiastic about the idea she ended up blocking me.



Franki Robitaille

Franki is a local Manchester coke dealer who sells custom made “f*** the police stickers” and appears to be some sort of brother to Daniel Pihl.

He was quite upset about the arrest, but wasn’t featured in the blog.

After the blog came out he said he wanted to make me famous.

Not a problem.

Franki then decided to message me with an all-time sentagraph and threaten “legal consequences,” that I wouldn’t be able to get away with due to my white privilege alone. He also preemptively warned me not to post his girlfriend’s name in a future blog because she also shared the arrest video.


Note to ratchets everywhere – if you and your girlfriend weren’t featured in a blog, and you don’t wannabe featured in a blog, whatever you do, DO NOT threaten me while invoking white privilege. Because I will definitely put you and your rehab consolation prize girlfriend in the followup blog.

I get threatened with deformation lawsuits a lot, but I have not yet been accused of actually BEING defamation, until now.

He says he would provide me with his attorney’s name, but I don’t think court appointed attorneys count.

I messaged him back and the threats progressed, but he wouldn’t come on the Live Show to say any of these things to my face.



Summer Spradling. 

It’s unclear what Summer’s relation to Porky Big was, but she had a lot to say in his defense.



Carrie Hendrick

Carrie is Porky Big’s fiance, who apparently works in healthcare and has some Google trophies for sticky fingers.

She says she’s suing me for libel because her fiance isn’t a felon.

Except it took a SWAT team to bring him out of an apartment where he was hiding because he was wanted on a felony firearms charge. Oh, and he literally was arrested for felony habitual offender.

Habitual felons get arrested for felony habitual offender. But according to her it doesn’t count if the charges get dropped. From there it was a whole bunch of dindu nuffin. Literally every one of his very serious arrests was a setup in which he is perpetually the victim.



Daniel is a “stay at home Dad” (codeword for unemployed) so that she can pursue her career.  She’s also speaking with her attorney about deformation avenues, and paid her legal fees by getting an equity loan on her $600K house.

Oh, and she’s skilled in the art of lawsuits, so I’m basically toast.


Carrie says she’s coming on the Live Show tonight for Ratchet Redemption, so make sure you tune in at 9 PM and subscribe to our channel here.

Editor’s Note: Carrie joined us on the show (44:15)





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