Mom Demands Justice From Manchester Police For Arresting 32 Year Old Felon Son Who Resisted And Threatened To Beat Up Cops


This is Justin Laflamme from Manchester.

If “halfway to my GED” had a face.

A couple nights ago he came across some sort of free range warthog resisting arrest while being corralled by two police officers, and began filming. Like a dinner bell in the jungle every pajama clad single mom and unemployed male in need of a clean urine sample came marching out of their section 8 Bidenvilles, hooting and hollering to let him go. Watch.

If you’re gonna pretend that you’re not resisting arrest you probably shouldn’t flail your Jordan’s around like you’re doing swimming the 200 meter freestyle.

Everyone you heard in that video will never, ever leave Manchester. They’re right where they belong, around each other and away from civilized people who don’t instinctively side with every shit bag they see professing their innocence while being arrested by the po-po.

From what I surmised watching the video the portly gentleman on the ground was doing something suspicious when the police tried to question him, so he dropped a backpack and ran. Seeing as he’s allergic to anaerobic exercise this venture didn’t last long and he was quickly brought to the ground. Instead of just submitting he decided to scream like a feral pig being brought to the slaughterhouse, hoping this would improve his chances of not being arrested. But despite the pleas from the single mom mafia they decided to handcuff and detain him anyway.

After claiming that he couldn’t breathe and his life was in danger, Porky Big seemed perfectly fine when they stood up.

“I was already on the f***ing ground you faggot!”

Yea, gravity and morbid obesity will do that to you. The problem is that once you were on the ground you kept resisting instead of just submitting to the inevitable. Luckily he had enough energy to challenge them all to fights, accuse them of planting evidence, and repeatedly call them “bitch made.” My personal favorite was the genuine look of shock on his face when he ordered the single mom mafia to get him a cigarette “before the wagon gets here,” and the cops told him that wouldn’t be happening.

“Bro I’m asking you one f***ing thing. Like, seriously. I can’t have one cigarette?”

Meanwhile the single mom mafia began yelling at the cops.

“We got it on film.”

To which the cops replied:

“We all have body cameras.”

To which Porky Big asked:

“Where the f*** is it?”

Oh, ya know, probably on their bodies.

Ya know, because they’re called body cams.

From there his primary concern became pulling his pants up. As if he doesn’t walk around like this normally.

Based on the fact that they already knew his name without asking for any ID they’d likely interacted with him before and had good reason to believe he was armed or had drugs on him.

The video was shared over 100 times, mostly by the ACAB pubestache patrol.



But Porky Big’s Momma also showed up in the comments and shared the video too.

“I don’t care what he had or did…”

The fact that you’re not thoroughly embarrassed to admit that you are these loser’s mother kind of tells me everything I need to know about you. But so too does the fact that you don’t care to find out what your grown son did to get arrested in the first place.

“is this the direction all police departments are taking now?”

Yes, generally speaking the police will arrest bad guys and use force if they resist. Especially if your son is a violent felon, well known to the Manchester Police due to his propensity for armed standoffs that require the SWAT team:

The SWAT team was called to a Manchester home Wednesday after a suspected gun thief refused to surrender, police said. Daniel Pihl, 25, of Manchester, had an active arrest warrant for a theft of a firearm charge. He’s accused of stealing a Glock 21 on Aug. 18. Police learned Pihl was inside a home on Goffe Street around 4 p.m. Despite repeated calls for Pihl to leave the home, he refused, police said. 


But yea, dindu nuffin for sure.

Nevertheless, Porky Big’s Momma kept blaming the police for doing their job, while completely ignoring her own failures as a parent.

Newsflash Mal Walker – your kid got this way because of you. You had one job as a mother – don’t raise a felon. You failed miserably because you never instilled values in your son, and every time he got in trouble you blamed the teachers, coaches, cops, and other adults who held him accountable, instead of him. This is 100% your fault, and you should be ashamed that this thing emerged from your used up stench trench.

Look who showed up in the comments to have her back:

Oh look, it’s Grundlestiltskin himself, Joe Orga!

Can you believe this was 3 years ago this week? Long time no see, old friend. Nice to see you’ve moved from Rhode Island to New Hampshire and are still spending your time crying about the police while furiously masturbating to anime porn before crying yourself to sleep.

Anyway, Mom is apparently not living around here now, but she’ll be here next week to confront the police and demand answers.

If she wants to come on the Live Show tonight to discuss what her plan is she’s welcome to reach out to me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected].

Editor’s Note: We have an update to this story and girlfriend; Carrie Hendrick joined us on the Tuesday Live Show (44:15)

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