Fully Vaccinated Holyoke Men Flash Guns On Facebook Live While Hunting And Drag Racing Before Crashing Twice And Fighting Police Officers


This is Pedro Perez and Angel Franco from Holyoke.

“Life is wa u make it.”

If that’s not a Holyoke degree in action then I don’t know what is. Although apparently for these gentlemen, the life they’ve made involves drag racing, gun play, and resisting arrest.

There are species of parasites living on Pubeface Pedro’s hair that haven’t even been discovered yet.

The logistics of this all are crazy. Pubeface crashed the car while trying to get away from the cops, he was dragged out while resisting arrest, and then somehow MC Child Support managed to get into the driver’s seat, drive away, and crash again.

It’s all forgiven though, because although Pedro and Angel were riding around with guns and fighting cops, they’re actually better people than you are because they’re vaccinated.

Angel can go out to eat at restaurants and become a nurse. You can’t, because you’re a dangerous person who doesn’t feel the need to get vaccinated.

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Plus, the other guy made up a story about paying for an old lady’s groceries.

So he’s obviously a better person than you.

Six months ago Pubeface Pedro posted a picture on Facebook of two UMass Police Officers, vowing that they would never catch him, and explaining why he doesn’t use real license plates on his unregistered vehicle.

“They ain’t catching me.”

They must’ve caught Pubeface Pedro on a bad night, because usually he’s fresh to death while posing for selfies in his Section 8 Holyoke love pad.


Chicago Bulls. Every. Single. Time.

Get a load of this crew drinking the nectar of the hoodrat (Henny) whilst posing in front of the bed sheet curtains

The guy who should scare you the most in that picture is the baby faced white boy second from the right throwing up gang signs. I don’t know what he had to do, or who he had to kill to earn the respect and friendship of someone like Pubeface Pedro, but whatever he did it was really, really bad.

On Saturday night, right before being arrested, Pubeface Pedro went live on Facebook with the following caption:

In the video you can see him driving around, flashing the gun, calling out his enemies, explaining why he’s so upset, and setting the world record for most times a Puerto Rican used the n word on a 20 minute Facebook Live stream.


I have no idea what any of that means, but it sounds like “that n word” is in trouble.

I’m surprised he didn’t catch a DUI either, because if this is how he sounds when he’s sober I can only imagine the verbal diarrhea that comes out of his mouth when he’s had too much Henny.

“F*** everybody trigga, we get money trigga, that what we do trigga, we get money. You know what you’re doing right now? You’re interrupting my gangsta.”

Does this look like the face of a man who will allow you to interrupt his gangsta?


People have died for less.

He mentioned in the video how he be “getting money trigga.” And by that he means, “selling mediocre weed and stolen Jordan’s on Facebook, giving haircut to his homies, and quarantining with a fupacabra.”


Despite living in Holyoke and being a 32 year old criminal who spends his free time drag racing but is unable to register his car at the RMV, he still feels like he’s in a position to lecture others in long form sentagraphs about good financial decisions.


If you’re taking life advice from a guy who’s never left Holyoke before then you’re probably going to end up on Turtleboy one day too. That’s just science.


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