Gary Rome Hyundai In Holyoke Gets Blowback For Honoring Him/They Receptionist For Women’s History Month


This is Gary Rome, owner of Gary Rome Hyundai in Holyoke.

He likes cars and dogs.

But the only thing he enjoys more than dogs and cars is equity! That’s why in honor of Women’s History Month he honored some sort of BLT-123 thing-a-muh-jiggy for they/them/their hard work as a receptionist.

I can’t wait for them to honor Larry Bird for black history month! I wish this was some sort of joke, but the fact of the matter is that we choose to live in a state run by communists, so the joke is always on us.

Just a few issues here:

  1. That’s a dude (obviously)
  2. Gary Rome Hyundai is honoring someone who likes to be addressed as “he” for women’s history month
  3. The fact that this human wants to be called both “him” and “they,” while claiming to be a woman, is a mockery of the English language
  4. That dude didn’t even bother shaving his face and is still calling himself a chick (kind of)
  5. His role model is Nicki Minaj, and he plans to be just as successful as her when he grows up, which is why he’s answering phones at a Hyundai car dealership
  6. He admires Nicki Minaj because she’s a woman who entered a male dominated industry, and now he’s a male who entered the female dominated women’s history month
  7. Why does he feel the need to put his dogs on EVERYTHING?

Let’s be clear – there is no difference between this and blackface. Don’t tell me that it’s offensive for a white person to put on black face paint and mock black people if you think it’s OK for a man to grow his hair out, put on nails, and mock womanhood.

This is a month that’s supposed to be dedicated to honoring women, since historically they have taken a backseat when it comes to rights and equality. But thanks to the communists (that’s what liberalism is now) we’ve completely undone all the gains of the feminist movement. Feminists fought hard for the separation and equal funding of men’s and women’s sports. They asked for a month to honor the accomplishments of women in history and they got it.

But the communists are afraid to tell anyone “no,” especially if they present themselves like circus freaks. It all started with the PRIDE parades. Instead of presenting gay people as normal, every day Americans, who just so happen to be attracted to the opposite sex, we got this:

Politicians embraced it because it became cool to pretend this was normal. So when transgenderism and drag queen story hour showed up at their front door they had no choice but to embrace it. They just didn’t realize at the time that they were completely undoing all the gains that actual liberals fought for in the last century. Now, thanks to their obsession with “inclusion,” men are kicking ass in women’s sports, and women’s history month honors the Adams apple mafia.

Being a man is awesome!

Conservatives could’ve put a stop to this a while ago, but they focused on tax cuts instead of doing something about the communists taking over American cultural institutions and schools.

“What’s the big deal about just calling him a girl? Is this the hill we wanna die on?”

Yes, it is. Truth is always the hill we should die on. If you’re using “preferred pronouns” because you don’t want to offend someone who’s lying about their gender, then you’re part of the reason this is happening. You’re legitimizing the idea that men can become women. They can’t. The problem isn’t Lia Thomas winning national championships or Gary Rome honoring a man for women’s history month, the problem is that too many people accept the idea that gender is something you can change to begin with.

“I’m OK with you being who you wanna be, just don’t beat up my daughter in soccer.”

Too late moron. By telling men they can become women you’re telling them that they ARE in fact women. And women can play on women’s sports teams.

It’s not too late though, we just have to stop playing defensive. It’s not enough to just laugh at this, complain about woke corporations, and move on. We have to punish companies that go woke by flooding them with 1 star reviews. We have to use communist cancel culture tactics against the communists or we will lose to them. Companies like Gary Rome Hyundai need to be punished as a reminder that going woke has consequences. Feel free to leave a review with your thoughts on their Facebook page, since Gary Rome took off commenting on that post.




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