Gay Warwick Cop Roasts SJWs Who Don’t Think He Should Be Allowed To March In Rhode Island Pride Parade


The Rhode Island Pride organization is not happy that a group of gay police officers participated in the Pride parade.

Here’s an idea – stop reinforcing stereotypes that the gay community has been trying to overcome for decades. Ya know, because being so fragile that lights, sirens, and the existence of law enforcement make you this triggered kind of undoes a lot of the progress that the LGBT community has made. Gay people have made the NFL, served proudly in the armed forces, saved lives, and even (gulp) become cops. There are people who are gay who we don’t even know are gay because they dress like, and act like regular people. And regular people don’t cry when they see lights and sirens.

This is what happens when you let radical activists take over a chapter of Pride. This is RI Pride President Joe Lazzerini.

He works for the Mayor of Providence, who doesn’t hide the fact that he’s a full time political activist.

Which is fine. I have no problem if you’re right right or left leaning, but just be honest about where you’re coming from. You’re a democratic activist who has bought into the propaganda coming from the left that the police are the enemy of “marginalized” people. But you don’t speak for all gay people, which is why people like Joe Lazzerani should stop being elected to lead these organizations.

The comments have made me lose faith in humanity.


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Did I miss the viral police video of cops shooting the unarmed lesbians? The LGBT isn’t oppressed by the police in any way, shape, or form. They do better socioeconomically than any other group of people, they have the lowest incarceration rates, and the highest graduation rate. Stop pretending that the police are your enemy, because no one’s buying it.

Then there was this…..person.

Pronouns – poop/I hate you Dad.

The irony here is that when I hate you Dad was born, and when you get down to it, I hate you Dad is just another white guy. But now that I hate you Dad puts on makeup and waves an pink Antifa flag poop’s all of a sudden the face of modern day oppression.

Not too many black or brown people showing up at this parade.

Looks like someone missed the memo about the victimization food chain. Gay white people are basically the establishment at this point. This is what real oppression looks like.

The irony of being scared of armed police officers while advertising yourself as armed is delicious. These people are a constant parody of themselves.

Then a gay cop showed up from Warwick and it was the most entertaining thing I’ve read all week.

The next time Ethan gets robbed he’s calling Antifa. And he alone gets to decide who the Pride flag represents.

At least he thought he did before he got owned by Officer Hart. Ya see, Officer Hart is living proof that gay people can do anything straight people can. At the end of the day they’re just people. But according to tolerant people like Ethan there’s no room in the movement for gay people who serve their community and put their lives on the line to protect us all.

Finally there was Yolandi.

Here’s an idea – maybe the LGBT community should do more to make it clear that people like this don’t speak for the group.

Being gay doesn’t mean you’re required to dress like Louis XIV. Nor does it mean you have to be so fragile that sirens and lights force you to cry.

P.S. This was making the rounds on the Pride page too.

Nuff said.


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