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Poor Behavior

Gloucester Woman Starts Fundraiser After Possibly Getting Coronavirus Weeks After Going On Spring Break, Mocking Seriousness Of Coronavirus


This is Hannah Flaherty from Gloucester.

Hannah is today’s contestant in “Life comes at you fast.” Let’s look at the progression of some of her Facebook posts.

March 12.

March 15.

March 15.

April 2.

April 2.

If you mock the idea of getting the commie cold, engage in ill advised behavior that makes it much more likely that you will contract the commie cold, accuse the government of manufacturing a crisis that revolves around the commie cold, post a sympathy seeking rant about having the commie cold, and then start a fundraiser to offset financial losses as a result of catching the commie cold, you’re probably going to end up on TB.

According to her Facebook bio she works at the same hospital where she is now a patient.

So at least she’ll be on a first name basis with the people who are treating her.

She also ironically uses Facebook filters that imply that she cares about nurses.

She just doesn’t mind engaging in risky behavior that will make it a lot harder for nurses to do their job.

If you want to be one of those people who does what they want and thinks this is all a big hoax then I can’t stop you. But you have forever given up the right to be a victim, and you’ve certainly disqualified yourself from starting a crowd funded charity to pay for your bills while you suffer from the results of your own idiotic life choices. Plus, this appears to be a grown woman and a mother. Girl, you are too old to refer to your vacations as spring break.

I don’t want her to die or anything, and odds are if she even has the bug that she will be just fine. But I do secretly hope that everyone who gets the commie cold is someone who intentionally ignored and mocked the guidelines, instead of the people who follow the rules and get it from a moron like her.

P.S. Someone might want to tell Jamie Lynn Koning that she should probably get tested.


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