Gloucester Woman Who Got COVID On Spring Break Accuses TB Of Child Abuse Despite Losing Child To DCF Due To Substance Abuse, Not Paying Child Support


Last week I blogged about the Gloucester woman and former nurse named Hannah Flaherty who started a fundraiser when she allegedly contracted coronavirus after going on spring break and posted that the crisis was a hoax.

Last week Hannah and a couple of supporters messaged my real page (attention ratchets – I hardly ever use my real page so if you wanna tell me what a douchebag I am then message Clarence Woods Emerson) and voiced their displeasure about the blog.

“You’re the cause.”

Your sister got the bug because she’s a moron who ignored safety protocols, but OK.

“Last time I checked medical information was private and you shared hers.”

Here’s a thought for thot – if you want your medical information to remain private then don’t post it on Facebook.

Might work.

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“What if she doesn’t make it.”

Perhaps she should’ve thought about that before going on spring break and laughing about it. Don’t worry, it’s probably just a GoFundMe scam though. Not my problem or my fault that your friend makes foolish life and death decisions.

Hannah herself also messaged and was on the rampage.

Being lectured about my inability to be around children by deadbeat mothers who abandon their children to go on spring break during a pandemic is my favorite part of being Turtleboy.

Her evidence is obviously reliable (Turtleboy Sporks), and all I have on her is DCF and court documents. So let’s compare our history with children to see who the actual danger is.

Uncle Turtleboy

  • Never dealt with DCF
  • Never been credibly accused of doing anything inappropriate with children
  • Was a teacher for 11 years and got great evaluations before leaving profession and using cash payment from Dudley-Charlton Regional School District to start business as part of settlement agreement due to libelous blog written about me

Hannah Flaherty

  • Had to be put on a Relapse Prevention Plan by DCF in 2018 because she’s a raging alcoholic

  • Continued to get drunk constantly and was wise enough to post images of it constantly on social media


  • Snitched on herself by calling the cops over a domestic violence incident with her ex-boyfriend, telling them that he was mad at her for drinking while on a sobriety plan despite telling the court that she had been 5 years sober
  • Had to use Narcan that she got from work (the hospital) to revive her junkie ex-bf after an overdose

  • A week later (August 2019) the police came back again for a DV call because she went out drinking again and her ex-bf socked her over it
  • Ex-bf told the police that he was taking custody issue of her daughter more seriously than she was
  • Mother prevented the father, who is an actual functioning adult, from seeing his daughter in direct violation of court order
  • Lost custody of her daughter for all of these reasons

  • Requires a parental action plan that tells her she can’t expose her kid to people who are high
  • Plan bans her from telling her daughter that her stepmother and her children aren’t part of the family (because she did this all the time and it was confusing for the child), and prevents her from harassing her daughter’s stepmother
  • Plan requires that she not beat her kid during visits (can’t recall any time I’ve needed a court order to tell me not to do that)
  • Requires a plan that forces her go to a parenting class where she can learn how not to be a deadbeat mother

  • Recently failed a drug test before going on spring break and is in danger of losing her daughter for good

  • Ex-boyfriend reached out to her friends and family about concern about her drinking and lack of desire to regain her daughter

  • Have been evicted several times from apartments despite employment in hospitals as a nurse

  • Has 3 supported 51A’s
  • Filed false reports with DCF on her daughter’s stepmother that came back unsupported
  • Sent series of text messages to stepmother telling her that she hopes she miscarried
  • Won’t pay child support but can afford to go on spring break
  • Hasn’t seen daughter since she basically kidnapping her last summer
  • Domestic violence incidents above occurred while she kidnapped the daughter
  • Broke out of rehab, got drunk with friends, got into fight with ex-boyfriend that ended up getting him sent to jail where he remains today
  • First lost custody of child in 2015 when she picked her up from daycare drunk, dropped the 4 year old off with someone and went out drinking again
  • Once was evicted after urinating in a neighbor’s yard, passing out on the floor of a communal garage, passing out in the driver’s seat of her own car, and trying to get into the wrong apartment while drunk
  • Gave her daughter a black eye in February of 2018 and had a RO taken out against her when she threatened to kidnap the child
  • Once was fired as a waitress for stealing $100 in tips from another waitress, which backfired because that waitress was married to a Gloucester cop

But perhaps the biggest difference between Hannah and I is that I have never been run over by my own car while probably shitfaced at 1 AM:

A representative from Massachusetts General Hospital said that Hannah K. Flaherty, 26, of Madison Avenue was listed in “fair” condition there Monday afternoon after an unusual single-car accident on Rackliffe Street had left her pinned beneath her car. The accident, which was called into the Gloucester Police Station at 1:07 a.m., occurred after Flaherty’s car got stuck in a lot on Rackliffe Street. Officers said that in an attempt to free the vehicle, Flaherty had placed a rock on the gas pedal, and had stepped outside the vehicle to try to push her car as well. When the Jeep broke free, however, it ran over Flaherty and dragged her until it hit a dumpster and came to a stop, with the driver’s side front tire landing on her arm. 

As usual, the only people who dislike TB Daily News have been proven to be degenerate, DCF Moms, junkies, social justice warriors, and/or criminals. And when they get called out on their behavior they always revert to citing “Turtleboy Sporks” and making things up about my alleged history with children. Except I have actual facts and evidence on my side, and they have links to Turtleboy Sporks.

Don’t. Poke. The. Turtle.

P.S. If Hannah wants to come on the live show tomorrow the invitation is still extended.


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