Good News: Teachers Pressuring Kids To Wear Masks And Refusing To Leave Desks Are Threatening To Quit


Earlier in the week we published a blog about some teachers who wanted students to continue to wear masks in their classroom, despite the mask mandate coming to an end after two years.

The group these comments were made in has over 25,000 members, and thus people with common sense understand that nothing said in a group like this is ever truly private. More importantly, teachers should not be posting things on social media that they don’t stand by. If there’s nothing wrong with your speech then you have nothing to worry about.

However, admins were very upset that one of the 25,000 members screenshotted these comments and sent them to TB, and they vowed to weed out the moles.

Pro tip – mole hunts never work. If you have a group of 25,000 people in Massachusetts then its statistically impossible for thousands of them not to be turtle riders. Kicking people out who you presume are moles will not fix anything, and telling people not to screenshot is just an invitation to screenshot more. It’s always the quiet ones who never comment who send us screenshots, and you’ll never find them.

Luckily the two women primarily featured in the blog seemed to embrace their Turtleboy fame. Nancy Slator is a special ed teacher in Ware who said she felt unsafe around her unmasked students and didn’t want them near her.

She said that the blog was a weak effort.

She also said that masks are just another piece of clothing (except clothing doesn’t usually cover breathing airways), and that kids who don’t wear masks would be sent to the library for the rest of the year because she refuses to teach them.

Then she announced some good news – she would probably be quitting when the mask mandate expires.

This is another bonus of getting rid of the mask mandate – all the horrible teachers who damaged our kids for the last 2 years are being forced to get over their irrational fear of our children, or leave the profession entirely. Without a doubt the underperforming Ware Public Schools would be much, much better off without an elderly old hag, stuck in her ways who doesn’t want students to get near her because she assumes they all carry deadly disease. Please quit Nancy. Please.

Nancy also polled her students and they agreed to wear a mask around her.

This is the next thing schools need to ban – teachers asking kids to wear masks. Because of the power dynamic kids are going to think they have to, or they could risk facing the wrath of the teacher. These adults have no right to ask students to put masks on under any circumstances, and school districts need to ban them from doing so.

Dorothy Albrecht was also featured in the blog for wishing death upon the President of Brazil and making up pseudo-science about viral loads of COVID.

According to Dorothy when we blogged about her this was “stalking,” and we are racists who only attack women and people of color.

Dorothy Albrecht is a white supremacist who wants children of color to be forced to wear masks while white students in the suburbs are not, so being called a racist by her is pure deflection.

Other teachers like Jen McKenzie are telling unmasked kids to stay outside of her bubble.

Jennifer Fay plans on shooing students like flies and taping a line around her desk that kids can’t cross if they’re not wearing a mask.

Any teacher who thinks it’s OK to treat unmasked students like disease carrying rodents who they’re afraid to be around, should resign immediately. It’s unacceptable for school districts to allow this to happen. Get over it or get a new job.

Julianne Watros plans to never leave her desk because her four year old, who has a better chance of being eaten by a bear than dying from COVID, isn’t old enough to get the ineffective vaccine.

“I’m tired of being forgotten.”

We shut down schools for more than a year and forced children to wear masks that don’t work for 2 years because you cried about. Every educational policy we’ve come up with in the pandemic has revolved around your personal hysteria. The fact that you think you’ve been “forgotten” proves that you believe the world revolves around you, when in fact you’re an easily replaceable teacher.

Sue Doherty thinks kids should have to wear masks around obese teaches because they’re more at risk, and she no longer trusts the CDC because they’re not doing what she wants anymore.

Teachers are also going to pull the “I have an immuno-compromised grandmother who sleeps on our couch” card in order to justify more masking.

If you’re making your kids wear masks until May they’re going to be made fun of in school and it will all be your fault. Stop putting your kids in that position if you love them.  If you’re putting a picture of your 2 year old on a pin you’re wearing at school in order to pressure your students to wear a mask because you’re lying to them about COVID’s danger to 2 year olds, then you’re a bad teacher.

According to Marie O’Donnell kids should have to wear masks everywhere because her daughter has health problems.

If you don’t want your kid to wear a mask then you are a selfish person who wants to kill her daughter. Do you see now why we shouldn’t be civil with these people or try to find common ground? This is how they play the game. You’re a blood thirsty killer if you don’t do everything they want.

“Her doctors told her whatever you do, don’t get COVID. You CAN NOT GET COVID or else her daughter will die!”

This never happened. No doctor told her that. And if you actually believed that if your daughter got COVID she would die, then you would be a horrible parent if you ever left your house under any circumstances. You’re going to get COVID. Almost everyone has. If your kid is going to die when you bring it home from school then you’d never go to school. You’re lying. Plus, you got vaccinated:

According to Dr. Dorothy you don’t have much of a viral load now, and your vaccine works so you can’t get or spread COVID. But she knows her kid isn’t going to die if she gets COVID, she’s just selfishly using her child’s health issues to push for state sanctioned child abuse of other people’s kids.

Then again, this is a woman who took part in an insurrection that sought to overturn the results of a Presidential election because her candidate didn’t win.

Maybe people this stupid shouldn’t be around kids in the first place?

Keri has the right idea:

Why would any teacher want to add this sort of stress to their lives? You have enough to deal with as a teacher, and plenty of rules to enforce that kids are constantly breaking. Why do you want to add one more thing that kids aren’t going to adhere to? Why do you want to smother yourself when you’re trying to talk? Why do you not want to see the smiles on your student’s faces when they learn something?

Oh well, at least we’re finally starting to weed out the teachers who have no business being in this profession.



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