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Ware And Northampton Teachers Want Students To Wear Masks Or Stay Away From Them Despite Mask Mandates Being Lifted


Today my kid gets to not wear a mask at school for the first time. She gets to see her teacher’s lips move while she’s teaching them how to read. She gets to see her classmates smile. She gets to breathe unobstructed. It’s disgraceful that they’ve been allowed to do this to kids in the first place, but at least for her and thousands of other children in Massachusetts it’s finally over.

However, some teachers whose irrational hysteria led to the forced masking in the first place, are not happy about this. Here’s an anonymous post made in a Facebook group called Massachusetts Educators United.

“How do you plan to help students without masks while still maintaining a safe distance.”

You don’t maintain a “safe”distance because no such thing ever existed. You just do your job like you did before you were brainwashed into believing that a piece of cloth prevented a child from killing you.

“How can you ask students to mask up or back away if you feel they are too close to you.”

Simple – you don’t. You’re replaceable, and if you’re afraid to get close to students when they need your help we can find someone who isn’t.

This is Nancy Slator, a special ed teacher at Ware High School.

As you can tell from her Facebook filters she has been looking for an excuse for the last two years to keep kids out of schools so that she can work from home. Now that kids are no longer allowed to be abused via forced masking she’s looking for ways to not do her job:

“Can the school force us to do things we feel are unsafe, like standing close to unmasked students.”

Yes. It’s your job to stand near students. No one cares anymore what you consider to be “unsafe.” You’ve played that card too many times.

“What will they do if we say no.”

Hopefully fire you and replace you with someone who isn’t a coward.

But of course people like Nancy are not actually afraid of being out in public without a mask on. Here’s a picture she recently posted at a restaurant without a mask on, next to one of the most high risk people possible.

But it’s OK, because the virus only exists in public schools.

Nancy also says that masks are just another piece of clothing, and that if kids choose not to wear a mask that she will either quit for force those kids to sit in the library all day with a sub.

The quicker teachers like this quit the better education will be.

Then there’s Dorothy Albrecht.

She teaches in the Northampton Public Schools as a JFK 8th grade math teacher, and was previously featured in a Turtleboy Daily News blog in June of 2020 when she said that she wanted the President of Brazil to get sick and potentially die from COVID because she doesn’t agree with his politics.

Just in case you needed a reminder that communists believe you are all subhuman trash who deserve to die if you don’t join their team.

Despite being proudly vaccinated and insisting her vaccine works, Dorothy is quite worried that the removal of paper masks from the faces of children will expose teachers like her to COVID for the first time during this pandemic, and that her vaccine will magically stop working.

“Wearing your mask would be the kindest thing to do.”

The woman who wants you to die from COVID if you have the wrong political opinions is very worried about kindness.

Newsflash – humoring your irrational delusions isn’t an act of kindness, it’s an act of complicity. You’ve lost your mind, you’ve disregarded science, and you’re not thinking straight. Playing along with your mental illness by putting a mask in your company is doing more harm to you than COVID ever could. Moving forward we will not have a world where it’s acceptable for human beings to tell other human beings that they’re not allowed to come within 6 feet of them.

Dorothy happens to be a science expert.


“I don’t know what I would do if I spent my days with a bunch of unvaccinated kids.”

Where did these people get the idea that it was OK to talk about our children like that? When did it become OK to speak of them like they are disease carrying lepers?

“I have an unvaccinated 4 year old granddaughter.”

Your granddaughter couldn’t possibly die from COVID if she tried, and you probably don’t force her to wear a mask around you, so you have no point.

“Kids 5 and over should be vaccinated if their parents want no masking in school.

Counter offer – I’m never vaccinating my kids for COVID, they’re not going to wear masks anymore, and you’re just going to have to kind of shut up and deal with it.

This was perhaps the greatest COVID quote I’ve ever read:

“Vaccinated individuals spew less virus if they’re vaccinated.”

If your kid is vaccinated it doesn’t stop them from getting or transmitting COVID, they just give you LESS virus if they’re jabbed.

But wait, how can she can get less virus if she has the vaccine that blocks the virus to begin with? Doesn’t it protect her?

So her vaccine works, but it only works when she comes in contact with vaccinated people who already have COVID, because they carry smaller loads. The unvaccinated carry loads so large that not even the day shit at Sweaty Betty’s could handle it.

Except none of that is true.

It’s almost as if they just make shit up as they go along because they genuinely enjoy hurting other people’s children.

Dorothy’s Facebook page is everything you imagined it would be. She’s helping Ukraine fight Russia.

She’s a Bernie bro and a fan of a child named Sandy Cortez.

She thinks that critical race theory is “teaching accurate history,” when in fact accurate history is already being taught, and CRT is just a way for schools to brainwash your children with actual racism.

She’s tired of hearing from parents who are concerned about dumb things like “learning loss,” and she thinks your kids should learn to read from home because she’s afraid of a virus.

She believes that she’s done enough by protecting your kid from the mass shooter who never arrived at their school, so now she doesn’t have to show up to work to teach anymore.

“Now you’re asking me to protect your child from a pandemic.”

I never once asked you to do that. I asked you to show up to work and do the job we pay you to do.

She regularly demonizes 50% of the population by blaming them for the pandemic.

She “others” people who oppose unnecessary mandates by labeling them all as white supremacists.

She claims that no one has the right to force her to do her job, not even in the name of education.

Despite being petrified of human contact she still fully supported mass gatherings of communists in the streets, which led to rioting and looting, because they carried cardboard signs saying black lives matter and get their news from Talcum X.

She posted what is perhaps the most cringe statement ever seen on the Internet.

LOL. Hero.

She’s been learning about racial justice during school sanctioned professional development.

She fully condones rioting and looting, as long as it’s done by people who aren’t white, shares videos glorifying mobs of communist street thugs trying to kill cops, and has no time for people who oppose rioting.

She believes that all cops are bastards, and is an anti-labor corporatist who thinks that police officers should not be allowed to unionize.

She claims that the police are a racist organization.

Just a reminder – cops went to work during the pandemic and protected the black and brown community before a vaccine existed while teachers like Dorothy hid in their homes and black and brown children suffered as a result.

This is Dorothy’s friend and coworker at JFK Middle School, Mae Wallace.

She was also previously featured on Turtleboy when she told parents while on the clock during remote learning that they are putting her life at risk and bullying her because they want their student in class.


Mae’s life is only “at risk” because she’s chosen to be morbidly obese by eating poorly and not exercising.

Dorothy posted on her page that all cops are bad, which a friend named Nancy objected to.

Nancy’s son Matthew was murdered by a black man in Florida who had been released from prison early due to BLM inspired “criminal justice reform.” She pointed this out to Mae Wallace.

Mae responded by laughing at her and telling her that the murder of her son wasn’t her problem, because she doesn’t really care about white people being killed.

She’s the victim here, not Matthew. It’s hard being an oppressed glutton dumpster with institutional power.


People like Dorothy look back on history and believe that they would’ve been on the side of Martin Luther King, not the Birmingham Police who brutalized civil rights protesters.


Except they would most definitely be on the side of the Birmingham Police because people like this blindly follow whoever has institutional power. BLM raised billions of dollars off the murder of George Floyd and had the backing of Netflix and the entire Democratic Party, which is exactly when Dorothy started to allegedly care about black lives. People like her don’t question anything and blindly believe narratives that are fed to them. It’s why they’re so insistent about masks and vaccines, and why they would’ve been on the side of the oppressors throughout history.


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