Greg Bates Demands Restaurants He’s Extorting Stop Charging Him More For Inflation Costs By Getting Rid Of Free Delivery, Takeout, And Credit Cards


It’s been 4 years since we exposed Greg Bates, the deadbeat Dad who runs a Facebook group with 62,000 members called North Shore Eats, which he uses as a weapon to extort free gift cards from local restaurants. But he survived the storm and he still uses his page to bully the elderly and anyone who else who doesn’t give this bootleg food critic free things. Over the weekend Master Bates decided to announce that he was going to start attacking local restaurants that do free takeout and delivery and accept credit cards, because Greg is mad about inflation.

This is the most Greg Bates thing since he tried to weaponize the group to attack TD Bank for charging him an “extortion fee” when he tried to steal money from the autistic nonprofit he pretended to raise money for.

Master Bates detests when institutions try to nickel and dime him when he spends money that isn’t his.

Just to review. Restaurants got boned hard during COVID and were forced to shut down by tyrants. Our government spent billions of dollars it doesn’t have to pay for deadbeats like Monica Cannon-Grant not to work, and as a result we have record inflation. Greg doesn’t pay at most restaurants he goes to because he extorts gift cards in exchange for free “advertising” on his page, but he’s mad that he can’t get as much free stuff with a $50 gift card as he used to. He’s special because he sits down to eat in the restaurant, unlike the people who don’t have time for this (because they have jobs and families) and do take out, so he wants those other people to have to pay the inflation fee by paying for the takeout containers. Luckily the plates and silverware he uses to fatten himself up don’t cost the restaurant anything.

And of course Master Bates also blames the restaurants for accepting credit cards because he only pays with gift cards and cash, which is something you do when the concept of a bank account is foreign to you. Ya know, like that time he got a restaurant in Beverly to give him $300 worth of gift cards to raffle off, then used them to get drunk with his friends after the restaurant already closed and tipped $4 on a $296 bill.

Greg doesn’t like credit cards because he has no credit and probably has no savings. Plus, he’s been to jail for not paying child support and doesn’t want any trace of income, which is why he said in probate court that he needed allot money each month for hookers.

Greg really hates the free delivery thing.


Which makes sense, since the concept of tipping is completely foreign to him.

Anyway, I also demand that I be given a discount when I eat out if I don’t use the salt, pepper, or ketchup. If I don’t use the bathroom then the restaurant saves money on their water bill, and you can shut off the heat and/or AC when I eat because I’m not paying for that either. I don’t watch TV when I’m there so I’d like a discount on the cable bill, and I rode my bike to the restaurant so I didn’t need a parking space with all that unnecessary land the restaurant is on. Additionally I eat with my hands only while standing up and I don’t require a table. I just sit on a dirt floor and gorge myself like a third world pig. If it’s easier you can just use an IV to shoot the chicken parm directly into my veins.

I don’t know how this maggot is still going, but if you’re part of that group and you’re supporting Greg Bates then you’re almost as bad as he is.


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