Greg Bates Doxes And Threatens To Hunt Down Elderly Woman On North Shore Eats 50K Member Facebook Group For Bringing Up Children He Dodged Paying Child Support For


Two years ago we did a 7 part series on Greg “Master” Bates, the scam artist running North Shore Eats Facebook group, which extorts money from local restaurants and damages them by weaponizing his group with 35,000 members if they don’t pay up. Click here to read that series if you have some time to kill.

Although his reputation was permanently damaged Bates has persevered and his group remains active. However, his tactics have not changed, as could be seen today when he doxxed an elderly woman and shamed her in front of his followers for allegedly going after his kids.

Keep in mind, this is a man who was sentenced to jail for not paying child support, told his kids he was going to kill himself and pretended to take his last breath over the phone, walked back into their house like nothing happened, and demanded that his wife provide him with sex after getting divorced or else he’d need more money from her because he’d have to purchase sex from a prostitute.

But Greg hates it when people talk about his kids. He’s such a great father like that.

Master Bates demanded to know where the elderly woman lived and worked so he could post about it in his group, which purportedly exists to share information on local restaurants. When he did that a lot of people called him out for posting his personal business on a food page, but he defended his actions by claiming to be a Momma Bear.

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What did this elderly lady say about his kids that could possibly be worse than literally kissing his kids goodbye and pretending to die while speaking to them on the phone? It doesn’t matter according to Master Bates.

So as you can see, two years later and Greg Bates is still a morally bankrupt, mentally unstable psychopath. But as bad as he is, the people who are still in his group are really no better. They willingly take part in an organized shakedown machine that extorts local businesses, steals money from autistic charities, and lines the pockets of a tax evading deadbeat who refuses to get a job. And all because they like to look at food on Facebook, when any of them could easily just start their own food group that isn’t run by Greg Bates.


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