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Hadassah Rose Was Denied A Restraining Order Against Me In Milford District Court, Dozens Of Turtle Riders Show Up To Support, Got Yelled At By Judge


Today I had my day in court with Hadassah Rose, who was attempting to get a restraining order against me for writing a series of investigative blogs about her unhealthy homeless shelter. I would estimate at least 20-25 turtle riders were there, and it was obvious because they had signs, they were wearing gear, and they got in trouble with the judge at the end for cheering when the RO was denied. This was my post court press conference live from outside Milford District Courthouse.

Here’s a synopsis of my first experience at Milford District Court:

  • I don’t think anyone in Milford speaks English. Every single defendant called up before me spoke Portuguese and needed an interpreter. It was like a Turtleboy blog in action – ratchet after ratchet was asked when they were going to pay their probation fees, if they wanted a lawyer (they all chose to represent themselves despite the inability to speak the language spoken in court), and promised they’d get their bills paid in a month or two.
  • I was represented by former Milford Police Chief Tom O’Loughlin (who was unceremoniously ousted as chief by a corrupt selectmen who was upset that his DUI was being investigated), and his law partner and former Mendon Police Chief Ernie Horn. This was much to Hadassah’s dismay (her jaw dropped when she saw who it was) since she claims that the reason she is being “attacked” is because of her support for Chief O’Loughlin. I thank them very much for helping me deal with this nonsense.
  • Hadassah was in rare form. She was shaking uncontrollably the entire time, pretending to have a seizure, crying on command, and lying her face off.
  • Hadassah told the judge that I called her and threatened to kill her and burn her house down (a complete lie told under oath), she claimed that urged turtle riders to do the same, she said that I bragged to her that I forced two people to commit suicide and that she would be #3 (completely fabricated), and a bunch of other lies.
  • The courtroom, including non-turtle riders, was captivated by what they were seeing. Court can be monotonous. It’s usually just a bunch of degenerates dressed like they’re going to the Ground Round, promising to pay back fines through an interpreter. But Hadassah put on quite the show, claimed that she can’t leave the house, said that she’s lost 20 pounds and fears for her life, and every single eyeball in that courtroom remained on her for her 15 minutes of lying through her teeth.
  • We did find out today that Hadassah also lied about the Board of Health telling her that things were fine at the house. My attorneys obtained the BOH paperwork and found out that they told her to get rid of all but 6 beds and tear up a urine soaked carpet. She grew upset when my attorney asked her about this, and claimed that she was the one who volunteered to tear up the carpet.
  • Hadassah continued to lie about the reason I visited her in the first place, and falsely stated that I posted her phone number on the blog. She said that I wouldn’t let her speak (which the video shows is untrue), that I showed up to the shelter uninvited, and that I demanded to go through her books (she invited me to both places specifically to do that).

  • You could tell the Judge was not convinced by her act. He asked her who she meant when she kept saying, “they’re calling,” and she repeatedly said, “turtle riders,” and he had no idea what that meant. He made it clear to her that she had no evidence to back up any of her claims, and that as a reporter I have First Amendment privileges to interview her and write about her, and that I am not responsible if other people harass her.
  • Hadassah could not back up anything she was saying. The only way to get a restraining order is to prove that you have 3 instances of unwelcomed contact. I haven’t contacted her at all after I interviewed her in early August.
  • For those reasons the restraining order was denied.

I’d like to thank all the turtle riders who came to court to show their support for what we do. It was very humbling, and we couldn’t do any of this without you. (Funny how all of these Internet tough guys never show up when I announce I’m going to be in a public place though.) I look forward to more meet and greets like this in the future, preferably not outside of a courthouse.


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