Hampden Contractor Crushes 7 Year Old Springfield Boy, Collects $4K From Mother To Build Treehouse, Abandons Project For Rehab


This is Jason Walbridge, the owner of Advantage Contracting in Hampden, MA.

He was recently hired by a Springfield woman he somewhat knew to build a tree house for her 7 year old son. She paid him over $4,000 in various increments, he began the job in early October, disappeared frequently, always had an excuse, and now is claiming he can’t finish the job because he has to go to rehab. He also failed to mention that he’s a drug addict before being hired in the first place. Here’s the mother’s whole story.

She has all the text messages back and forth, showing that he always had a litany of excuses for why he couldn’t work on certain days. Notice how reasonable and polite she is to him, despite the fact that she had paid him for a job that he wasn’t doing.

“I need to put my recovery before anything.”

No, you need to put the job you were paid to do before anything else. You could easily go to your classes at night and do the jobs you’ve been paid to do during the day. Relapse for all I care. Not her problem. You gladly accepted the $4,000 from her ahead of time, and now you’re breaking her kid’s heart because your needs are more important than this family’s. You are willing to crush this child, and essentially rob his mother, because you have to go to AA meetings. If you knew you had a drug problem then you never should’ve agreed to do the job in the first place.

Sadly he’s probably blown the money on heroin at this point. That’s what addicts do. They prey on nice people, knowing full well they are going to rip them off, because they’re easier targets. They will say whatever you want to hear from them in order to get you to let your guard down. Their desire to get high comes before anyone else, and they don’t mind destroying some 7 year olds in order to achieve that goal.

Despite being ripped off by him she was still patient up until the end of that conversation. My head would’ve exploded when he said that he “still had a lot of things to figure out.” What does that even mean? You’re a grown man, not a college student backpacking through Europe.

Oh his Facebook page he constantly posts pictures with his kids, in order to give the illusion that he’s a good Dad. That’s what manipulative junkies do – they lie. He can’t be bothered to do the job he’s been paid to do, but he has plenty of time and money to go to Bruins games and Patriots events.

I’m sure he’s been a massive disappointment to his own sons, so I guess he might as well hurt someone else’s kids too.

He’ll skip out a job he’s already been paid for, but he’d never miss a softball game.

It would be a crying shame if his business Facebook page was flooded with one star reviews. We would definitely frown upon that, so please, DO NOT do that.

I have no idea how predators like this stay in business, especially when it seems like this guy has burned people before.

But at this point it’s our job to make sure that no one else falls victim to Jason Walbridge’s schemes. This blog might not get the tree fort built, but at least in a couple weeks from now this blog should come up on page one of Google results for Advantage Contracting. It’s the least we can do. (Although if you’re a contractor in the Western Mass area and you’re feeling generous and want to help out this 7 year old boy, feel free to reach out to us or April).

P.S. For what it’s worth, he’s also a scab.



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