Poor Behavior

Harmony Montgomery’s Mother Dressed Up As Minnie Mouse For Vigil, Says She Was Harmony’s Favorite Person, Wants To Open Her Own DCF Franchise


Last week Adam Montgomery was charged with second degree murder for killing his 5 year old daughter Harmony in December of 2019, after his junkie ex-wife Kayla Montgomery told police that Adam told her to lie to police about her being alive.

It’s good that he’s being brought to justice for murdering her with his bare hands, but let’s not forget his accomplice:

Retired Judge Mark Newman was well aware that Adam Montgomery was a drug addicted violent offender, who previously had been arrested for shooting someone. But he awarded him custody anyway, and in doing so ripped Harmony away from her younger brother Jamison, who was lucky enough to be adopted by TV reporter Blair Miller.

It was such an obvious lapse of judgment that he will pay no consequences for. If a baseball manager makes a decision to leave a pitcher in for too long and the team loses then he gets crucified in the media and fired. If a Judge makes a decision that directly leads to the murder of a child he can just avoid the media and go on collecting his pension.

As Blair Miller pointed out in a recent Facebook post, “Harmony was the only constant person who protected Jamison at such a young age.”

Sadly, this is true. The courts didn’t care for Harmony, but the person who should’ve been there to protect her was her mother, Crystal Sorey.

As we pointed out in January, she abandoned her children to start a new life in Florida with a new boyfriend named Joe Eckert, who she apparently had another baby with.

She suddenly had an interest in seeing Harmony in November 2021, almost 3 years since she voluntarily gave up custody and abandoned her.

That’s when she wrote a letter to the “Mayor of New Hampshire,” that got DCF to realize that this child hadn’t been seen in 2 years.

Once the story gained media attention in January of 2022 Crystal’s life mission suddenly changed as she sought out the spotlight again and again, and made the interviews all about her.

“I was ignored because I was in recovery.”

No, you were in Florida making Tik Toks about bringing Harmony home two years after she was murdered.

Now that there is a pathway to justice with the murder charges against Adam Montgomery she is really soaking up the spotlight and is getting the attention and pity from the media that she wants. Yesterday she held a vigil in Groveland where she dressed up as Minnie Mouse because Minnie was Harmony’s favorite character.

The most offensive part about this is how the media eats it up and treats her as a victim. She had nothing to do with killing Harmony, but the girl would be alive today if she had put any sort of effort into being a mother. That entire pity party was all about her:

“I’m OK. I’m strong in my recovery. I’m strong with my family.”

“I’ll be OK.”

Oh good, we wanted to make sure YOU were OK. Please, talk about yourself some more.

She still refers to Jamison as her son, and claims to FaceTime him:

“My son gives me strength every day. To be able to see Jamison and FaceTime and talk to him and make sure he’s OK, I’ll be OK.” 

Newsflash – he’s no longer your son. You gave him away like you did with Harmony.

This made me sick:

“I would go for Halloween as her favorite character and I’m her favorite person, so it seemed right.”

You’re her favorite person? You barely knew her. You’re her favorite person? Then how could you leave her for years and let her monster sperm donor have custody?

But this was the most asinine thing she stated:

“My dream is to one day open my own DCF office.”

Yea, the woman who couldn’t take care of her kids and in doing so helped get her daughter killed should be able to start a DCF franchise. She’s in a fine position to care for at risk children. She can name it the Kate Peter Krusty Panties Hall of Justice.

This is all just part of her anti-DCF crusade. She said she was suing them in January.

DCF is certainly to blame her because they completely dropped the ball. We can criticize DCF. Crystal Sorey can’t. DCF was never supposed to protect her from monsters. Crystal Sorey was.


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