Harvard Students Protest Dean Ronald Sullivan For Being Harvey Weinstein’s Defense Attorney

John Adams Is Rolling In His Grave Right Now


As you know, I used to teach U.S. history at Shepherd Hill for many years. One of my favorite time periods to teach about was the Revolution. Our kids are lucky to grow up in a state that is entrenched with US History. This is where the Revolution began. There is no America without Massachusetts. Our state had a unique collection of intellectuals, philosophers, smugglers, and rabble rousers. John Hancock was pissed at England because they made colonists buy crappy, overpriced British tea, so he smuggled in tea from other countries. Sam Adams, although not exactly the smartest guy in the room, had a unique ability to incite a mob at a moment’s notice to tar and feather a tax collector without a trial. And that’s what made Massachusetts the most dangerous place for any British soldier or agent – the white trash mobs that made up the City of Boston.

This all came to a head on March 5, 1770, when a mob of what of Masshole ratchets began taunting and throwing snowballs at a bunch of British soldiers. There were projectiles thrown at them, confusion as to what the orders were, and in general they began to for their lives. So they started firing and the next thing you knew 5 colonists were dead.

If Sam Adams ran the state every one of those British soldiers would’ve been hung that night, because Sam Adams was a goon. Had people like him assumed control of our country it wouldn’t have lasted very long. They had no long term vision, they weren’t educated on the proper role of government in a democracy, and they certainly didn’t care about due process rights for the accused.

Luckily for the British soldiers, Sam’s cousin John Adams was a lawyer and a man of principle. Although John hated the British and was one of the first Founding Fathers to push for independence, he still believed in due process. So he did the unthinkable – he agreed to defend the British soldiers. He put himself in danger from the mob, as many expected him to basically throw the game and give a lackluster defense. Instead he gave an impassioned one and the soldiers were all acquitted. Although he was a social pariah after that he did so because principles mattered to him more than emotions.

Fast forward to 2019 and this is happening across the Charles River where John Adams once defended the most hated men in Massachusetts.

Dean Ronald S. Sullivan, Jr., who once was part of convicted murderer Aaron Herndandez’ defense team, is now representing Harvey Weinstein in his rape trial. He’s doing exactly what John Adams did nearly 250 years ago – defending the most reviled person in America.

And what are Harvard students doing about it? Proving that they are not the best and the brightest our country has to offer. They are part of the rabble rousing, emotion-fueled mob. Many of these mob members are attending Harvard Law School, where John Adams graduated from 3 centuries ago. Except in this case the mob isn’t mad about dead colonists, they’re virtue signaling about #MeToo.

What’s next? How bout if a doctor at Harvard has to perform a surgery on Harvey Weinstein that saves his life? Guess he’ll have to pass him over to a less experienced attorney or maybe just let him die.

The childish nature of this, and the lack of perspective and maturity displayed by these idiots, is a stain on Harvard University. This is sad and pathetic. These morons have chosen emotions over principles. Of course that’s basically what #MeToo is a nutshell – the surrendering of due process for the accused because we must “believe women,” rather than believe provable facts.

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It’s just so stupid it hurts. People who rape children get defense attorneys in our country, often at the expense of the taxpayer. No rational thinking adult looks at the person defending a pedophile and says, “that person supports child rape.” Nor would any rational thinking adult look at Dean Sullivan and say, “that guy supports Harvey Weinstein raping half of Hollywood.” He’s doing his job, and is making sure Harvey Weinstein receives his constitutionally protected rights. If the evidence is not in Weinstein’s favor then he will lose, which is a good thing because a rapist will go to jail. But if it turns out he’s not a rapist, and Sullivan can prove that, then that’s a good thing too.

Just look at this woman’s sign:

“Do your job.”

Defending the criminally accused IS his job you simple minded buffoon.

And of course it wouldn’t be a college protest if there weren’t “demands“:

Toting signs that read “Do Your Job” and “Remove Sullivan,” attendees laid out a set of demands for Harvard administrators. They called for Sullivan’s removal, a public apology, and a formal inquiry into faculty deans’ responsibilities to students. After several minutes of silence, a series of students spoke. Hilda M. Jordan ’19 said Sullivan’s comments on Weinstein and Fryer conflict with his role as a faculty dean. In particular, she pointed to Sullivan’s allegations that witnesses in Harvard’s investigations into Fryer were coached.

“Your role is not just in filing paperwork or smiling in our faces. Your role is to deal with the culture that you establish as a Faculty Dean. So Dean Sullivan, please reconcile how you can care about sexual assault and at the same time, have claims against a Harvard affiliate being nothing more than coaching?” she said. “You are a faculty dean, not just an attorney.”

The culture he’s establishing is that people accused of crimes in America have a right to a fair trial and access to an attorney. You can care about sexual assault AND defend someone accused of sexual assault, the same way that you can care about murder AND defend someone accused of murder. Although I find it fascinating that these nudniks have no issue with him defending an actual cold-blooded murderer (Hernandez) but they do have a problem with him defending Weinstein.

This is Hilda Jordan, the student who has a problem with a lawyer doing his job:

As you can see, she supports DACA, which is fine. But certainly illegal immigrants have been accused of rape before in our country. Is she not supporting rape by supporting illegal immigration then? Seems hypocritical, just sayin.

Then there was this basis Becky.

Here’s what she had to say:

Madeleine D. Woods ’19 also called for Sullivan to step down from his post and for administrators to reshape the faculty dean position.

“Even if he puts out an apology, the fact that he didn’t even think of the impact this would have is probably the most damning element of this,” Woods said. “The only move forward is not only to remove Dean Sullivan, but then to have a structural reconsideration of what it means to be a faculty dean so we don’t have an issue like this again.”

Ya see that right there? That’s why you never, ever apologize to these people. Because it’s never enough. She even says so in her first breath.

Let’s also address that the whole #MeToo movement, and their despicable behavior with Brett Kavanaugh, is pretty racist in and of itself. Especially considering Dean Sullivan is a black man. Read a freaking book – black men are disproportionately wrongly accused of crimes. A blanket policy of “believe women,” coming from Wonderbread Wendy’s like Madeleine Woods, hurts innocent black men more than any other group of people. Just ask Emmett Till how “believe women” worked out for him.

But these are just stupid college students, regardless of what school they’re attending. What’s an even bigger joke is the fact that the adults in their lives, who should be teaching them about the importance of due process, have joined the mob and turned on their colleague for doing his job.

Dean Diana L. Eck, who attended the rally, said she agreed with students’ calls for the College to reevaluate the faculty dean position.

“We talk a lot about what the role of a resident dean is, what the roles of our tutors are, but the faculty dean role is really important. It’s not nominal. It means a certain amount of hard decision-making on the part of those of us who assume that role,” Eck said.

Be more WASPY and elitist. You can’t.

It’s so easy to give into the mob, but it takes guts to stand against them. It’s easy to be Sam Adams. It’s hard to be John Adams. But ultimately our country’s foundation, and the reason America has become a beacon of freedom that people are literally DYING to get into, is because of men like John Adams, and the principled stands they take. If he’s fired over this then Harvard becomes an even bigger joke than it already is.



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