Here Are The 2 New Bedford Crackheads Who Stabbed A Woman In Broad Daylight On Wednesday


Yesterday we published a blog about two crackheads who stabbed a much larger woman in broad daylight on a busy street in New Bedford, and it was all caught on film.

Well, we know their names now. Meet Kassandra Martinez, AKA Blow J Simpson.


She’s the mother of not one, not two, not three, but seven children, and has custody of none.

Her baby Daddy is currently in jail due to the fact that he’s a gang banging drug dealer.

But he should be in jail for the haircut alone. And unfortunately they don’t have workman’s comp in that line of work, so she spends her days smoking crack and stabbing gravitationally challenged locals.

Meanwhile Crack Pipe Patty, who dropped her drugs and then came back to pick them up post-stabbing, is named Bella Rivera.

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She’s also a mother lacking custody, but at least she knows how to use a dog filter. And I assume this gentlemen in the 100 emoji sweatshirt and flat brimmed hat is the one who threw a load of baby batter inside of her and called it a day.

That is exactly what I would imagine the baby daddy of a crackhead who goes around jumping and stabbing people in broad daylight would look like.

Sources also tell us that Blow J Simpson (Kassandra) was involved in the stabbing last week at Legends, so I guess she’s just been in a stabby mood lately.

Cops are now looking for them, but if they’d like to call into the live show they can message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook or email [email protected]


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