Heroic Boston Cop Honored For Saving Lives At Marathon Bombing Gets Suspended For Political Activism Against Mayor Wu’s Vaccine Mandate


Editor’s Note: Shana Cottone will be joining us on the Live Show tomorrow night at 9 PM to talk about the actions taken against her for her political activism. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

This is Boston Police Sergeant Shana Cottone.

She was stationed on Boylston Street in 2013 on Marathon Monday and was feet away from the bombs going off. Shana was recognized for her act of heroism in comforting and saving the life of a woman named Roseann Sdoia.

At 2:50 p.m., the first bomb exploded. Shana reached for her gun. Something had gone wrong and she didn’t know what it was. Twelve seconds passed, the second bomb went off, and she knew. They were being attacked and she was going to die. Fighting off the overwhelming urge to run away, she started ripping down barricades along the sidewalk. She picked up strollers, the babies still strapped inside, and carried them into the middle of the street, where it seemed they might be safer, as stunned parents followed her blindly. She put one stroller down on the open pavement and saw a woman lying nearby in the middle of the street. The woman was covered with abrasions, her blond hair singed to black around her face. Shana knelt and looked into her eyes. The woman was awake. Shana took her hand and started talking.

“Talk to me,” she told the woman in the street. “Who did you come to watch? Where do you live?”

“I can’t feel my leg,” the woman said. She was bleeding heavily, one of her legs nearly severed. Shana looked down the street. Where were the ambulances? Why weren’t they coming?

“Your leg is there,” Shana said.

“I can’t feel it,” the woman insisted.

Shana wanted to call her by name, to reach her through the fog of shock and pain and hold her there. She reached for one of the woman’s ID cards and found it: “I swear on my life, Roseann, your leg is there.”

Shana and other first responders loaded Roseann and another seriously injured man, Marc Fucarile, into the back of the van. She then leapt into the passenger seat, leaning all the way out the window as it inched forward, screaming at people to get out of the way.

She was honored by the Celtics and Red Sox, and has developed a close bond with the woman whose life she saved.

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Two years later she was once again in the news after saving the lives of several people whose home was on fire while she was off duty.

An off-duty Boston Police officer is recovering from smoke inhalation after she ran into a North End building that was on fire Tuesday evening. Officer Shana Cottone ran into the building to get everyone out.

“I ran up the stairs and I started kicking doors in,” Cottone said.

She is still trying to process what happened. She was off-duty on her way home when she saw the huge fire consuming a building at Stillman Place. One section was vacant, but there were people inside an adjoining unit.

“I kicked in the second floor door and there was a guy in there with a dog and his apartment was filled with smoke and I said ‘Get out of here there’s a fire,’” Cottone said.

“Then I went up to the third floor I started to kick that door in. That one was really full of smoke I couldn’t even see.”

“And then I got on my stomach, that’s what they teach you in kindergarten right, so there was like about this much room of air so I crawled under there and I was opening up the door that way screaming ‘Fire, get out.’”

She helped get a number of people out of the building safely, escaping a fire that moved quickly, nearly trapping others too.

She is everything that we should want and value in an officer, especially during an era of “police reform” being pushed by Mayor Michelle Wu.

But there’s just one problem – she’s not vaccinated. This shouldn’t be a big deal since she’s young and healthy, but she’s being forced to get it anyone or face termination. And as a result of her political activism in opposing Mayor Wu’s mandate she’s suddenly under investigation by internal affairs and has been placed on leave just days before the mandate was set to take effect.

You know who IA doesn’t exist to investigate? Heroic cops. They exist to go after the shadiest of the shady. But the mere fact that officers went to her house to disarm her shows exactly the kind of people the communists want enforcing the law now. Mindless yes men who will take away your guns if you don’t comply with the communists’ demands.

And what a lukewarm, cowardly response from the Union President Larry Calderone.

“While we do not always share the manner, tone, or language this individual has used to criticize the policy….”

Why the caveat? Why was it necessary to dump on her “tone” in opposing tyranny? Since when does organized labor apologize for the tone of its members prior to basically saying “that’s not cool Michell Wu”?

Her crime? Filming the viral video of Michelle Wu being confronted by pregnant Boston Police Officer Gianna Mullane.

She told GBH News a written explanation of her suspension claims she inappropriately filmed Wu’s speech at a police roll call in Mattapan on Dec. 23, 2021; inappropriately told an officer not to activate her body camera during a Jan. 4 protest at Wu’s Roslindale home; and resisted sending police protection to Wu’s home on Dec. 21, 2021.

The communist hates when they don’t get to control the media that reports on them. That was supposed to be positive PR for Michelle Wu, but it ended up making her look like the tyrant that she is.

I spoke with Sgt Cottone briefly, who made it clear that this attempt to silence her has failed.

“If they thought putting me on paid admin leave is gonna shut me up it’s done the exact opposite.”

This woman is a hero and the City of Boston is safer with her on the job. The amount of people who are OK with this is disgusting. Look at these beta male cucks cheering on the communist government because they think her not being vaccinated makes them “unsafe” from a virus which had a 99.9% survival rate BEFORE they took the vaccine.

These are not men.

They are scared, pathetic losers cheering on the termination of a hero because they don’t understand how science works. You should be more afraid to say the things that they’re saying openly in public than you should be afraid of coronavirus. They’ve all been brainwashed by CNN and MSNBC into believing that people who oppose this pointless vaccine, which does nothing to protect you from getting the very mild Omicron variant, are brainwashed by Tucker Carlson.

And if you see Matt Marano out in civilized society, just point and laugh at him.

He’s a horrible person and when he eventually dies his legacy will be shame and cowardice. Shana Cottone’s will be remembered as a hero for her work as a police officer, and for her political activism during this dark period in our history.


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