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Hingham Police Chief Who Ordered Thin Blue Line Flag Off Of Fire Truck Posted Same Flag On Facebook In November, Weymouth PD And FD Respond 


On Thursday Hingham Police Chief Glenn Olsson made the decision to ask the fire department to remove a thin blue line flag honoring murdered Weymouth police officer Michael Chesna from a fire truck because after receiving an email from a college student who learned in his gender studies class that honoring heroes is racist.


Because apparently honoring murdered cops like Michael Chesna is offensive now because a cop in Minneapolis killed a black guy.

I’d like to remind you people that this same chief also commissioned a sappy video of white people in Hingham pretending to care about George Floyd, while choosing to live in a town that is almost exclusively white.

He’ll show support for George Floyd but not for Michael Chesna, and he pretends to be a “cop.”

However, he didn’t put out a YouTube video thanking his own officers after they were harassed by a group of entitled white women for being present at a “protest.”

In response to this cowardly move by the hack chief other towns have responded by putting the thin blue line flag on their fire trucks, including Chesna’s city of Weymouth, Quincy, Abington, and Rockland.

We received this message from the Weymouth Patrolman’s Union, which was sent to Chief Olsson.

Chief, I’m the Patrolmans Union President in Weymouth and also the Area VP for MCOP. I am writing not as a member of a department, but on behalf of my entire Weymouth union membership in what can only be described as concerted union action, given the connection to my membership which the Town letter you signed, makes. I was saddened to see not only the Town letter regarding the removal of thin blue line flag from fire apparatus, but also that you, who once upon a time was a “cop” signed it. I say that because frankly, after almost 20 years in the profession myself I can candidly say no “cop” would do such a thing, particularly when it directly references a fellow police officer murdered in the line of duty. Respect alone for the man and HIS FAMILY should have compelled you to distance yourself from it. That flag supports not only Mike, but also the very officers who work for you, who you knowingly mandate to wear ballistic armor because any given shift can be a Chesna, Gannon, or a Tarentino (this list goes on) shift.  

Good for them for refusing to stay silent. Chief Olsson is a disgrace to law enforcement and the Board of Selectmen should fire him immediately.

A Weymouth firefighter sent this message.

Today we put the thin blue line flags on all of our Weymouth fire apparatus. We did it in memory of Sgt. Chesna and all our brothers and sisters in blue that have made the ultimate sacrifice. The flags were donated by park ave market in Weymouth. We will never forget. 

The fact that a police chief would side with a college student who knows nothing about the world over his own officers and other first responders in towns indicates that he is unfit to serve as chief.

As luck would have it Chief Olsson was a big fan of the flag in a November 19, 2019 post that can be found on the Hingham Police Facebook and Instagram accounts.

So it’s OK for the Hingham Police to proudly display a flag that honors murdered cops, but it’s not OK for the fire department in that same town to show solidarity with the police and display the same exact flag.

Then again, when your police chief sounds like this:

and looks like this….

I guess this is the kind of leadership you get.


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