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Hingham Vandals Steal Thin Blue Line Flag From Private Residence, Post Video Smashing And Urinating On It


This is Liam Keliher and Devan Kushnir from Hingham.

Earlier in the week they stole a thin blue line flag from a private residence, smashed it, recorded their crime, and uploaded the video to Tik Tok and Instagram.

“Liam just stole a blue lives matter flag.”

Good thing they posted it on social media and named names while doing so. Wouldn’t want to make my job hard or anything.

I’m told by sources that these two also urinated on it in another video which has since been deleted, and ripped a Mike Chesna sticker off a Weymouth cop’s car parked at Derby Street.

But both of these guys are really into rainbow flags, so I wonder what they’d think if someone stole the Pride flag off of their parent’s porches and disrespected it in the same manner. Liam was featured in a story about how much the flag meant to him in June.

“This displaying of flags and window clings shows we are accepted and that this is what our community is like,” he said. “This show of support, especially during a pandemic, is really great.”

Especially following last week’s incident at World’s End, Liam would like to see parents have a conversation with their children about the importance of accepting diversity — “to let their kids know they shouldn’t ostracize people who act differently  — for instance, a boy who expresses feminine qualities. And to encourage them to be understanding, and not to bully and pick on those who are different from them.”

Supporting people for being gay is “really great,” but supporting cops who were killed in the line of duty is grounds for vandalism. Gotcha.

Meanwhile Devan with an A was featured in a WBZ story in 2018 after complaining about a teacher’s tweets about the politicization of the Boston Red Sox.

A Hingham teacher has apologized for what some are calling a homophobic tweet. The Hingham High School gym teacher came under scrutiny after posting a series of tweets airing his frustration with the Red Sox celebrating Pride Month. In response to the tweet from the Red Sox about the unveiling of a rainbow logo on the pitcher’s mound and other Pride Month festivities, the teacher posted: “Rainbow uniform day is coming. I can feel it. Are we celebrating this every day for the month of June? Can’t wait to see what we celebrate next. Can we just play ball please? Enough.”

Another tweet from the teacher said: “Not necessary. Nothing to be proud of here Red Sox. We don’t need rainbows on the pitchers mound.. what’s next rainbow uniforms? Rainbow home plate? Rainbow monster?” Though he has since put his account on private and deleted the tweets, they immediately triggered backlash in the community.

Hingham High sophomore, Devan Kushnir was among those who took issue with the tweet. “At first when I saw it, I immediately knew that I had to respond to it,” Kushnir said. “A member of the school staff shouldn’t be targeting these minorities like that.”

The School Superintendent Dorothy H. Galo issued a statement saying, “Certainly, I join HHS Principal Swanson in his disappointment about the lapse in judgement by a respected teacher who used social media to vent some personal frustrations.”

Uh muh God!! A teacher sharing political opinions on social media? That’s literally never happened before.

Did I miss the part where minorities were being targeted in those tweets? He just wants to watch a baseball game without being inundated with whatever the woke cause of the week is. This is a pretty commonly held opinion, but apparently this teacher can’t express that opinion because Devan pretended to be offended by it. In reality he wasn’t offended, he just knew that being offended is currency these days, and if he pretended to be upset about it the school would have his back. In no way, shape, or form are gay people in Massachusetts “oppressed.”

And that right there is why I left teaching. You can write pretty much anything you want about Trump, or even join Antifa and get arrested at the Straight Pride Parade, and you will keep your job. But conservative teachers dare not express their opinions publicly or they’ll be reprimanded and shamed by the media due to systemic anti-conservative bigotry.

Liam is headed to UMass for college while Devan will be going to NYU Tisch School’s New Studio to study musical theater (although he would’ve fit in great at Clark), where he’ll graduate with a boat load of debt (if Mommy and Daddy aren’t paying for it all), try and fail to be an extra for an I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter commercial, won’t be able to find a job, and then will whine about how student loan debt should all be forgiven.

If two other students did this to a gay pride flag they’d be kicked out of the universities. UMass and NYU should do the same.


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