Lowell Middle School Teacher Marisa Shea Arrested For Assault And Battery On Police Officer At Straight Pride Parade, Has Multiple Prior Arrests


After journalist Andy Ngo was violently assaulted by Antifa thugs in June, there could be no doubt any longer that Antifa is a terrorist group.

They use violence to hurt anyone who has the audacity of holding contrary political opinions to their’s, including members of the media. They assault police officers, they openly violate our laws, and they do so anonymously by covering their faces. After what happened to Andy Ngo we promised that we would no longer allow them to remain anonymous.

This weekend the Boston Police released the names of the 34 Antifa terrorists who were arrested at the straight pride parade.

One of them is Marisa Shea, a 33 year old from Lowell, who was arrested for assaul and battery on a police officer.

She just so happens to be a 7th grade teacher at Daley Middle School in Lowell..

Parents in Lowell put their trust in the public schools, only to find out that 12 year olds are being “educated” by a woman who covers her face with a mask on the weekend and gets arrested for assault and battery on a police officer. This isn’t disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace. It’s a serious crime, and one that carries mandatory jail time if convicted. According to MGL Chapter 265, Section 133,

Whoever commits an assault and battery upon any public employee when such person is engaged in the performance of his duties at the time of such assault and battery, shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than ninety days nor more than two and one-half years in a house of correction or by a fine of not less than five hundred nor more than five thousand dollars.

This woman is a violent and dangerous criminal, and the Lowell Public Schools chooses to employ her, despite her open association with a terrorist group.

What makes it even more twisted is the fact that this is far from her first time being arrested since she began teaching. In October 2015 she was handcuffed and taken away by BPD for disrupting construction working on a gas pipeline on a busy road in West Roxbury because it was a “crime against humanity” to invest in fossil fuels.

Yet she had kept her job.

Then two months later, because she knows there are no consequences for breaking the law, she did it again in Burrillville, RI.

Eight demonstrators were arrested for trespassing Saturday during a protest at Spectra Energy Gas Transmission Facility in town, the police said.

“They had gone onto Spectra Energy land that was clearly marked ‘No Trespassing,’” Burrillville police Maj. Dennis Leahey said. “They were asked several times to leave, but they did not do so, so they were arrested,” by Burrillville and state police, he said. Leahey estimated there were 70 protesters.

The police identified those arrested as: Sally J. Mendzela, 68, of North Providence; Stephanie Strub, 28, of Pawtucket; Marisa Shea, 29, of Lowell, Mass.; Andrea Doremus-Cuetara, 57, of West Roxbury, Mass.; Gabriel Shipiro, 19, of Ithaca, N.Y.; Kyle Shulz, 26, of Worcester, Mass.; Lauren Niedel-Gresh, 53, of Glocester; and Mary Pendergast, 69, from the Sisters of Mercy in Pawtucket.

Last year the Lowell Sun published an editorial criticizing her for shutting down a City Council meeting by by sitting down, refusing to move, and screaming at elected officials who couldn’t do the job that taxpayers elected them to do.

Why weren’t the radical protesters who forced the shutdown of a Lowell City Council subcommittee meeting Tuesday night arrested? Police stood idly by as the environmental zealots invaded Council Chambers, plopped themselves down on the floor in front of seated councilors, and yelled, screamed and posted signs on cable television cameras.

The inaction by sworn officers and elected officials who have the responsibility to protect government operations in progress sent the wrong message to protesters that their outrageous behavior will be tolerated in Lowell. What an embarrassment. People watching at home on TV saw a discomforting scene: their local government being violated and no one doing anything about it. But the people from National Grid — who were supposed to make a presentation to councilors on a $30-million natural gas pipeline safety improvement project — never got the chance. The people of Lowell also lost out. They were denied the chance to learn about the utility’s 2.5-mile project to replace old gas pipes — some with leaks — for a new steel pipeline outfitted with technology that can detect leaky or faulty pipes.

Marisa Shea, a city resident and teacher at Lowell’s Daley Middle School, was at the center of Tuesday’s disruption. As a member of FANG (Fighting Against Natural Gas), she’s been arrested twice previously — in New York State for trying to stop an oil train from crossing a trestle track, and in Rhode Island for trespassing at a privately owned natural gas facility. If her teaching style is anything like her protesting style, we can only wonder what Lowell kids are learning.

This woman knows that laws don’t apply to her. And because this she wants us to stop using fossil fuels she believes this gives her the right to shut down City Council meetings, disrupt construction, assault cops at straight pride parades, get arrested, and maintain employment at Daley Middle School.

On top of her criminal behavior outside of school she also uses her students as pawns for political propaganda. In this video she forces her students to read off of scripts that she clearly wrote about climate change.

Climate change is real, and there’s nothing wrong with teaching kids about it. But brainwashing kids into believing that all fossil fuels are evil isn’t your job. Your job is to teach them the curriculum, not use them as props for your cause du jour. These kids are easily manipulated and frightened because adults are telling them that the world is literally ending in 12 years. If you want to brainwash children then have some of your own. You work for the taxpayers, and they pay you to teach the curriculum.

Here’s some videos and pictures of what she and her Antifa friends were doing to the media and the police on Saturday.

After the permit expired at 4 PM the police told all Antifa protesters to clear the roads. She and Josh Abrams refused, fought back against the police, and were arrested for that.

This is how a teacher conducts herself on the weekend. She’s brainwashing children into believing that lawlessness and anarchy are OK, as is assaulting the police, so long as you believe the cause you’re rioting for is righteous.

And that’s what this ultimately comes down to – you’re allowed to break the law so long as you’re doing so in the name of a left wing cause. Does anyone honestly believe she’d still have a job if she was getting arrested for blockading the doors of a Planned Parenthood, or attempted to stop the Pride parade because she’s opposed to gay marriage? Of course not. But the City Council and the Lowell Public Schools will keep you on the payroll if you get arrested for assaulting a cop, so long as you’re pretending to do so in the name of fighting white supremacy.

This woman is a disgrace to teachers, most of who do a great job educating our youth. Teachers are supposed to be role models for children, not Antifa thugs who assault police officers. You can be an Antifa terrorist if you want, and you can get arrested for whatever political cause you want, but you don’t get to keep your teaching job if you do so.

I called Daley Middle School today to see if she was still working, and if she was in school today. The secretary informed me that she was, got mad that I even asked, and hung up on me. Unacceptable. These people work for us. Their salaries are paid for by the taxpayers. We have a right to know if Daley Middle School is employing a woman who gets arrested and is a member of a terrorist organization. Feel free to call them and ask yourself: 978) 937-8981

Or email principal Liam Skinner and ask him: [email protected]

And yes, they principal of the school is named Skinner.

Only in Lowell.

And finally feel free to CC the superintendent on that email too: [email protected]

This woman needs to be suspended without pay and investigated IMMEDIATELY so that termination proceedings can begin.


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