Holliston Meadows Pet Resort Trainer Caught On Video Kicking Dog, Whipping It Around After Abusing It On Treadmill


Holliston Meadows Pet Resort advertises itself as “Metro-West Boston’s Premier Pet Boarding” on their website.

But on Friday a two year old video began making the rounds on Facebook after a disgruntled employee (who for some reason held onto it all this time) released it to the public. The video shows a trainer forcing the dog to walk up on an inclined treadmill before being kicked and whipped around by the neck. It’s pretty disturbing to watch, so be warned.

As you can see, the dog could barely breathe, couldn’t keep up with the treadmill’s speed, and the leash on its neck was attached to the front of the treadmill which would’ve eventually killed it. The dog kept trying to jump off the side of the treadmill but couldn’t.

It was like watching a dog lynching.

Then the “trainer” kicks the poor thing for no reason.

Before grabbing it by the neck and whipping it around .

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Human. Garbage.

This isn’t training, it’s torture. It serves no legitimate purpose and the woman in the video should be arrested. Holliston Meadows conveniently forgot to put these images on their website.

According to multiple sources who have contacted us, the woman in the video is Cheryl Rochleau, a long time employee who was featured in a 2007 story about Holliston Meadows after eight puppies they sold died from parvovirus.


According to the Metrowest Daily News state inspectors found violations (before the dogs died) for cleanliness of food and water dishes, and they were not allowed to sell or receive dogs for an undisclosed amount of time.

Months later they were sued by a woman in an unrelated complaint after her completely deaf and vision impaired poodle was mauled to death by another dog there. Shortly after that the Department of Agriculture took them off their list of approved animal shelters, because they were not abiding by the conditions they were given the previous year after the 8 dogs died.

Holliston Meadows is owned by Dr. Rodney Poling. People who have reached out to us about him they have good things to say about him as a veterinarian, and tell us that his intentions were to bring dogs from high kill shelters in the south and sell them to good homes in the Metrowest. He’s evidently well liked, as is the business, but still hired this woman who likes to beat, kick, choke, and abuse dogs. Regardless, he is the captain of the ship and the behavior of his employees reflects upon him. I have a hard time believing this is the first time she treated an animal like this, yet she’s maintained employment there for at least 12 years as far as we know.

The Holliston Police issued a press release stating that an investigation into the trainer for animal cruelty has begun.

Over the weekend both Cheryl Rochleau and Holliston Meadows took down their Facebook pages because dog people don’t play, and they have no tolerance for this sort of abuse.  WHDH wrote a story about it but has taken it down without any explanation.

If Cheryl the dog abuser or anyone else from Holliston Meadows (who works there now, or who has worked there or bought or brought a dog there in the past) wants to fill us in on more details then please email me at [email protected] Until then all we have to go on is the video.


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