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Homeless Deadbeat Dad And Career Criminal Eric Matlock Films Himself Using Homophobic Slurs While Threatening To Kill Northampton Cops For Responding To Call 


Yesterday Northampton announced that 5 police officers were losing their jobs because the mob demanded that they be defunded by 10% after defacing NPD headquarters, because the citizens of Northampton by and large hate the police. They hate them so much that they enable and support violent offenders like Eric Matlock, who filmed himself harassing and dehumanizing a police officer who was responding to a call for an aggressive panhandler wearing a red shit in downtown this week. Here’s part 1.

This is how police are routinely treated thanks to black lives matter, and they have to take it or else they’ll be labeled as racist, since Eric Matlock is black. They could’ve arrested him for disturbing the peace since this was the middle of the day on Main Street. There are children and law abiding people who want to shop at businesses and don’t need to be subjected to a raving lunatic swearing like Bret Killoran after drinking a six pack of Dragon 88 Mai Tais. That video is a perfect example of how white privilege is a myth, and how people like Eric Matlock don’t fear the police because they’re black. It’s likely that if a white man acted that way to police he’d be arrested.

“Why you a lying ass b****?”

“Why are you a f***ing liar?”

“We heard the f***ing call liar!! ADMIT THAT YOU LIED!!”

“First of all, kiss my d*** you f***ing liar. Shut the f*** up. Tell the truth or f*** off!!”

“I don’t have to wear a mask b****! Do something!”

The cop was there because he got a call about an aggressive panhandler in a red shirt. He apparently spoke with the wrong woman who happened to be wearing a red shirt. He realized it wasn’t her after politely interacting with her and he walked away. Eric Matlock had nothing to do that day so he was listening to the scanner in order to follow the cops around while they did their job. Must be hard being oppressed.

Part 2 gets worse.

“We gonna follow you around make sure you don’t f***ing lie on nobody else.”

He must be so scared of the police as a black man in America. Lots of people who are scared of other people follow those people around and provoke them.

“This is our community you little b****, you ain’t even from here!!”

Good luck putting together a police department from the collection of beta males who live in Northampton.

“What you f***ing gonna do? Ain’t nobody done nothing.”

The cop was walking away. You’re the one following him.

When backup arrived and told Eric they didn’t need his help things escalated.

“I’m not interfering with nothing. You don’t even know what the f***s going on retard. Why you flexing on me you little b****?”

Cop: “Because you’re flexing on me. I’m not gonna be intimidated by you.”

“Shut the f*** up little bitch!!”

That right there is something that a person says when they know the other person isn’t going to punch them in the face. Further proving that BLM activists like Eric Matlock don’t fear the police in any way, shape, or form.


Actually, you’re not. It’s called disturbing the peace, but the cops let you do it anyway because they live in a state of fear, and they know that if they arrest you the white community in Northampton will blame them for being racist.

The cops left without doing anything but of course he couldn’t let it go.

“Clock out you little f***ing pussy”

Cop: Don’t follow me

“I can walk. I’m f***ing 5 feet away from you you f***ing coward b****. Why you so scared you f***ing coward b****?!!!”

“Shut the f*** up pussy. Why you twitching you f***ing coward bitch? I’m not walking up on you f***ing bitch. Completely unarmed except for this big black d*** you f***ing faggot”

There it is – “faggot.” Northampton is probably the most pro-LGBT community in the state, and this man is using homosexual slurs in public, so they should turn on him right? Oh wait, he’s black. He comes before gay people on the oppression scale so he’s allowed to toss that word out at the top of his lungs in public and face no consequences.

Then he turned his ire on a white woman speaking with police.

“Bye Karen your boyfriends are leaving. They can’t save you!! They’re f***ing faggots!!!”

Sorry Karen, you’re on your own. The police aren’t allowed to do their job in Northampton.

“Go get a real f***ing job. I could do your job with no gun, no vest, and no lies.”

The unemployed homeless man telling police to get a job is peak irony.

A black man tries talking him down, but Eric wasn’t having none of that.

“I don’t give a f*** what you have to say right now”

Black guy: “I understand the anger”

“No you don’t!! F*** you!! F*** you!! Go suck their d*** for them.”

Then he threatens to kill police.

“I’m either jumping off the boat or I’m killing them for f***ing with me.”

And finally he harasses a pizza shop owner for good measure.

Pizza shop guy – “Hey, hey I don’t need that.”

“I don’t give a f*** what you need. You’re a pussy too.”

Yea, he doesn’t care about what you need, because you don’t matter as much as he does.

But please, tell me more about how cops need to use “de-escalation.” Throughout that entire process the police de-escalated, and all it did was provoke him some more. Some people just want to get arrested.

If the name Eric Matlock sounds familiar it’s because we’ve written about him several times.

Eric gets free legal representation from Attorney Dana Goldbatt, a raving lunatic SJW who wants the police abolished, and forced the Police Department to return $13,000 worth of bullets to Walmart that they received as a gift once Walmart stopped selling guns and ammo.

A woman, who in 2013 told Northampton Police “you don’t wanna f*** with me,” while they attempted to make an arrest.

She got the charges dropped against Eric for the City Hall incident, but then he was arrested again in 2019 for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, assault and battery on a police officer, intimidation of a witness, marijuana possession with intent to distribute, and malicious damage to a motor vehicle.

She’s currently suing the City for $700K on Eric’s behalf.

In April she posted on Facebook that she was “keeping a list” of judges and prosecutors for not releasing violent offenders from jail due to COVID.

Dana Goldblatt really doesn’t want people to know that her husband Gregory Goff is a registered sex offender who was once convicted of possession of child pornography.


Shockingly the man who gets off on graphic images of children being sexually abused doesn’t like police either, wants them to be eliminated, and supports Eric Matlock.

People like Dana and her sex offender husband Gregory Goff enable animals like Eric Matlock to treat the police like this by defending them for free and blaming the police when they do their job. He’s a wild savage who clearly cannot be tamed. When he gets out of line he needs to be arrested with force. A social worker won’t do the trick because you saw the way he treated rational people who tried to calm him down. The world would be a much better place if Eric Matlock was killed tomorrow, but unfortunately the cops in Northampton are professional and won’t be doing us that favor. I’m sure he’s reading this, so if he wants to confront me or someone else who can actually fight back, feel free to hit me Eric.

P.S. Real fathers aren’t that rare.

You’re just a poor excuse for one, and your kids are better off never knowing who you are.


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  1. First off you should learn about who he is as a person there’s more to the story of why he is the way he is towards the police. And not all dads are all like you. I never had a fucking father. And a lot of people out here are in the same boat and do not have a father. Just because his kids got taken away does it mean he’s a deadbeat dad. But I feel as though if you really Took the time to know him your views would be different. But yes sometimes he does go overboard but so does everyone in this world when it comes to the cops most of the time. So I would change your article and focus on other people around here who do the same shit and not just target one fucking person.

    1. I do know him and his girlfriend they are both pieces of shit and in no way are working to get their kids back ohh ya that’s because they gave up their kids for drugs. They chose to do pills and other drugs. Turtle Boy you seem to be racist piece of shit I used to like your material but to think this fucking ass hat represents the BLM movement in anyway you crazy. As a member of the BLM community not that I’m black but I support all their causes 100% I disavow Eric Matlock and his girlfriend Pamela Juda from anything with BLM and I have no doupt every other community member will. And to your comment about White Privilege dont exist, that makes you look like the most uneducated Karen that ever existed. If you have any PoC friends which I highly doupt you get their opinion on white Privilege I hope you loose all your followers and sponsors for this article I am going to share the hell out of it so everyone can see how much of a racist you are.

    2. No matter what that behavior is completely inexcusable. I fully support the police being able to euthanize people like that on the spot.
      Normal people should not have to try and live their life with people that disturbed causing problems around them .
      How the officers could even have half the patients they showed is beyond me.
      Eric is everything that is wrong with society and it is only a matter of time before he meets a bad ending. The sooner the better for society as he will not ruin more lives around him.

    3. Oh PLEASE! This guy is psycho. He’s such a big “liberator” that he screams homophobic and sexist slurs, wow, how progressive, how heroic. Listen to me – I worked in Haiti at the time of the right-wing coup against elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. People who resisted the armed right-wing death squads were REAL HEROES. Men and women died in that struggle, I was very nearly one of them even though I had UN tags around my neck. The heroism, the clear-thinking analysis of the way forward for ALL of the people in that country, the behavior of those courageous men and women… was NOTHING like Eric Matlock’s animalistic shrieks. And just think what he would really, really do if he could?

  2. If I ever find out I’m dying of cancer, fkg Eric Asshole Matlock will be the first bitch I put down, and his worm of a lawyer Goldblatt will be the second. Then I’ll be able to rest in peace.

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