Hopkinton Businesses And Schools Forced To Close After Threats From Protesters To Burn The Town Down, Assault Teenagers On Monica Cannon-Grant’s Facebook Page


The Town of Hopkinton closed its schools early today and most businesses in town have shut down due to threats related to Monica Cannon-Grant’s “protest” over the death of Mikayla Miller. These threats are being issued on Monica Cannon-Grant’s Facebook page for her fraudulent “non profit” Violence in Boston. Here are some of them.

“It looks like Hopkinton is racist, we can easily fix that.”

“I wouldn’t be mad if that city burned to the ground and every sentient bird shit in it.”

Followed by an image of cars being lit on fire.

I don’t know Kyle Kaucion’s real name, but he appears to be from Boston, and is issuing threats to “fix” Hopkinton of its racism.

His anger, hatred, and lust for violence is being fueled by Monica Cannon-Grant’s lie that Mikayla Miller was lynched by a group of 5 teenagers. All 5 of these teens have alibis, including two who were seen on video at a Wendy’s in Sturbridge at the time Mikayla died. Nevertheless, Monica uses people like this to incite violence while being championed by the media as a civil rights leader. Here she is threatening to organize “45,000 mother f***ers to be on y’all’s front lawn,” before saying “f*** the police, f*** the police, f*** the police, f*** the police.”

When the leaders act like this, what do you think the followers will do?

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Kathleen Bryan form Jamaica Plain will also be coming to Hopkinton and wants to see it burn. Here is what she thinks of police:

“The only good pig is a dead pig.”

Monica Cannon-Grant is fostering and inciting this violence on her page.

This is Ariel Charles from Boston.

He is a grown man who says he wants to go to Hopkinton and “start snuffing little 16 year olds in the face right now.”

He also had a tweet deleted in which he threatened to murder members of the Hopkinton Police Department, then posted a reply saying, “I SAID WHAT I SAID!” and “Count your days.”

That’s obviously disturbing. Yet Senate President Karen Spilka is showing up to speak at the rally and support these people, fueled by Monica Cannon-Grant’s bigotry, racism, and lust for violence.

Why is Karen Spilka attending this? This is not a vigil to mourn the death of a child who felt so helpless that she tied a belt around her neck, tied the other end to a small tree, and choked the life out of herself. This is not a rally to raise awareness for mental health issues. This is a protest against DA Marian Ryan’s Office, the Hopkinton Police Department, and the town of Hopkinton itself for allegedly covering up a lynching. Monica doesn’t “trust” any of them because their investigation has proven that Mikayla wasn’t murdered, and she wants them replaced by the FBI or an “independent” investigator, whatever that means.

Does Karen Spilka not support Marian Ryan? Does she think that Marian Ryan is covering this up? Because that is what the people she is there to support are alleging. And she is helping to legitimize this and pour fuel on the fire.


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