Hundreds Of White People Kneel And Ask For Forgiveness Because BLM Has Become A Mainstreamed Cult


Black Lives Matter was a fringe organization five years ago. Their tactics of yelling at poeple, blockading highways, and demanding the police be disbanded never resonated with anyone outside of extreme left wing circles. But today BLM has become mainstream. Nike, Nickelodeon, and Barstool Sports all vocally support and raise money for the group of anti-cop extremists. How did this happen? Simple – BLM has become a cult. They have learned how to get white people in particular to repeat BLM propaganda out loud, which I talked about in depth on the live show last night.

There’s plenty of examples out there, but I used some comments from a recent blog about Shrewsbury SJWs to prove my point. A white kid pretending to be a black guy told people in a Facebook group that they didn’t care enough about black people, and when people disagreed with him other white people called them racist for speaking out against a black man (who wasn’t really black). That’s because BLM has created a culture where you either have two choices:

  1. Vocally support the meaningless buzzword soup that BLM routinely trumpets
  2. Say nothing and make fun of these people with your friends privately

For all the people out there who post ridiculous things like this:

Jesus Tony, have some pride. This is the social justice version of watching another man make love to your wife while you cook them dinner.

Just know that when you post things like that all of your friends are screenshotting it, and they’re sending it in group text messages for the sole purpose of laughing at you. You have no idea how many people message me privately about the ridiculous things our mutual friends have posted on Facebook so we can ridicule them behind their backs. Often these posts come with the disclaimer that, “I’m blocking anyone who disagrees with me.”

And why is that? Because BLM is a cult. Disagreeing with them publicly is unacceptable, and saying “all lives matter” will cost you your job. Look at the language they use and tell me this doesn’t sound like people who have been brainwashed into believing that they are evil and are solely responsible for the sins of white people over centuries.

“systemic and institutionalized racism”

“educate ourselves on our white privilege”

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“we are all complicit”

“white community members aren’t doing their part to stand up against racism and police brutality”

“I proudly declare #blacklives matter”

“ally of POC”

“post racial paradise the white majority likes to proclaim”

“Telling a black man (who is really white) to leave is racist”

“If I, a cisgender, heterosexual white boomer can educate myself”

“I’m a racist – punish me”

“acknowledge our privilege”

“Heres an undocumented anecdote that proves my point”

“I pray God will continue to show me the ways I think and how they are wrong so that I can continue to fight this disease”

This is not how people speak when they’re not in a cult. This is what an American sounds like when he’s confessing to stealing a ham sandwich in North Korea. It’s how people speak when they’re afraid and don’t want to be labeled as a racist, because there’s nothing worse than being called a racist. You are better off being a pedophile, because nobody really cares about kids getting raped, but everyone cares about racism. They have to. If it’s not the most pressing issue on your mind constantly then that’s because you are racist too.

And if BLM isn’t a cult then how do you explain this?

Thousands of white people literally repeating verbatim what their BLM cult leader is telling them to say. None of them know what it means, none of them question anything, and all of them have their behavior dictated by fear. This is not how a healthy society operates. When we can’t disagree with each other we are left with conformity, which is exactly what BLM wants and demands.

It wasn’t like this five years ago. BLM has won the culture war, and you will start seeing BLM stuff everywhere now, despite the fact that they are an anti-police organization that literally wants the cops disbanded. The good news is that none of these people will vote until they’re older and can look back on their younger years and realize what utter fools they made of themselves.


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