I Called The Des Moines Register Tip Line To Let Them Know About A Nun Who Adopted 2 Syrian Refugee Orphans But Tweeted Something Offensive 8 Years Ago


We published a blog earlier about an Iowa student named Carson King, who was smeared by the Des Moines Register by going back 7 years to find offensive tweets he made, after he used his Busch Light sign fame to raise over $1 million for a children’s hospital.

Is this really the new standard for journalism? I decided to find out by going live on Youtube (subscribe to our channel here so you never miss one of these) and calling the Des Moines Register tip line with a hot story. Ya see, there’s a nun I know from Des Moines named Sister Anne Cleary, and people have been applauding her for taking in two Syrian refugee orphans. But since it’s the job of the media now to go through the old tweets of people who get publicity for doing good things, I was shocked to find an offensive tweet about Mexicans Sister Anne made in 2011. And I did my civic duty by calling up the local newspaper so they could destroy Sister Anne, just like they did to Carson King. My conversation starts around the 10:25 mark:

Teresa: “How do you feel that connects to her adoption.”

Uncle Turtleboy: “Well it doesn’t, but that’s the kind of story you guys do right? You see someone doing something nice and you decide to go through all their old tweets right?”

Teresa: “So is your tip about Sister Anne Cleary?”

Uncle Turtleboy: “It’s about her tweets. Not recent tweets, they were like 8 years ago, but we are still responsible for the things we said 8 years ago aren’t we?”

Teresa: “I think we all have a past.”

Uncle Turtleboy: “I know but you guys just put out the story about the kid who raised all that money for the hospital, and then you went thorugh all his old tweets right.”

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Teresa: “That’s a standard journalism practice.”

Their failure to see their own hypocrisy is mind boggling. Suddenly they have no interest in a story like this if there’s no connection to the good deeds being done. Coincidentally taking in Syrian refugees would be applauded in most liberal circles, so Sister Anne wasn’t going to get destroyed by the newspaper. But a random kid of no particular significance raising money for sick and dying American kids? He was fair game.

The best part was when she told me that it was “standard journalism practice,” to go through old tweets. Check out the Register’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. They’re getting killed in the comments section and rightfully so. They’re probably being bombarded with phone calls too, which is why they likely had a staff meeting where people like Teresa were taught to repeat the company line, “standard journalism practice,” until they actually believed it.

As for Teresea Albertson, she told me to go back and look through her Twitter account because she’s NEVER said anything offensive. So I did, and look what I found.

Is she a Nazi? I don’t know. I’m sure she’s done a lot of great things in her life, but it also says Nazi in her profile so I think readers have a right to know. We’ll leave it up to them to decide if she’s a real Nazi. Because that’s just standard journalism practice.


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