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Poor Behavior

I Confronted Bucket Boy At His Job At The Market Basket Deli, And He Hid In The Back Crying About Harassment, South Shore Justin Is Horrified By Our Past Antics

Last night’s show went off the rails really quickly, even for us. Justin’s reaction sums everything up pretty nicely right here:



I discovered where “Auditing America” AKA Enrique Morales-Torres’ pet moron “Bucket Boy” works, which is ironically located in this plaza:


Where he handles meat all day long at the deli. When confronted with some of his extracurricular activities in public, he opted to deny everything, try to get management and the police involved, and then hide in the back like the coward he is.


We also took a walk down memory lane and recalled our interactions with Brockton’s Thomas Scopa, Smokes McCarthy, and put Justin and everyone watching through a clip so horrific, he may never fully recover.


If you missed it, you can watch below.



But it gets graphic when the boofing starts, so consider yourself warned.



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