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I Have Court Today With Rian Waters Who Is Accusing The Judge Of Being A John In My Pedophile Ring, Came On The Live Show To Promote His Book, Brag About Taking Me To Supreme Court


Editor’s Note: I discussed what happened in court on the Live Show (1:18:00)

Today at 2 PM in Springfield I will be defending myself (without a lawyer) for the first time in a lawsuit, in the ongoing matter with this man:

Rian Waters has been the bane of my existence for almost 5 years now. He was first blogged about in January of 2017 after he was arrested for beating up Sam Cardin, the mother of the special needs daughter he abandoned and has never paid child support for, and then murdered their 10 month old puppy by stomping on its back. He then threatened Sam and told her he would make up a lie and tell DCF that she had drugs in her house when he was there, which successfully intimidated her from testifying against him, leading to the charges being dropped. He was never found not guilty, but he sued me and Sam for libel anyway because he doesn’t know how to quit when he’s ahead.

We had the lawsuit thrown out in June of 2019, Rian appealed it to the SJC, and I never responded because I didn’t think there was a chance in hell they’d take it seriously. The SJC affirmed 3 of the 4 judgments he was appealing, but sent one them back to Hampden Superior court – a statement I wrote in my book in which I quoted his victim, who alleged that Rian sent himself drugs in the mail from California.

Now that my LLC’s have been dissolved I am legally allowed to defend myself and no longer have to pay an attorney to fight this battle for me. The whole process has been time a waste of my time and the court’s, as over 100 motions and counting have been filed by the unemployed homeless man who always wears the same outfit to court.


And this is just THIS lawsuit. Rian also sued me in federal court, along with Facebook, Google, Maura Healey, the Palmer Police Department, the State Police, and a bunch of other people. It was also thrown out and now he has applied to go to the Supreme Court.

He seems to think that applying to be heard in front of SCOTUS is the same thing as being heard in front of SCOTUS, but in reality they get hundreds of thousands of petitions a year and choose a couple dozen major cases to rule on. He has also filed 3 criminal complaints against me, none of which were found to have probable cause, and he has been suing DCF for the last 4 years (and lost), to fight for custody of the special needs daughter he abandoned and has never paid a dime for.

Tomorrow’s motion is a pre-trial conference. I will be asking the judge to allow me to file for summary judgment and have the case thrown out, but if that fails I’m prepared to go to trial and Matlock this pubestached dog killer like it’s going out of style. In the meantime, Rian, who claims he is so afraid of me that he can’t eat mandarin oranges, get a job, or argue his case effectively, came on the Live Show Saturday night to confront me, and it went badly for him. Listen to how cocky and confident he was until I showed him the necropsy report of the dog he murdered:

Read the police and necropsy reports here. Images below.

In Rian’s latest ruling the Judge said that this case had “spun off its axis,” as Rian rants and raves about Facebook group chats, witnesses I’m allegedly intimidating from helping him, and other things he’s made up in his head.


But the only thing we’re there to discuss is whether or not the statement in my book claiming that Sam Cardin alleged that he sent himself drugs in the mail was true or not. And this after David is really the only evidence that matters.

Case closed.

To prepare for our court date Rian has created his own website that he uses to publish his ramblings and promote the book he published that no one is buying. The site has some real gems in it. For instance, Rian complains that the Judge we will be in front of tomorrow, Michael Callan, is a corrupt John in a pedophile cult that I operate.


On May 25 I totally forgot about a criminal complaint hearing for the latest criminal complaint Rian filed against me, and I didn’t show up. I found out by reading Rian’s website that I won anyway, and Rian posted the magistrate’s picture because he was so upset about it.

Even when I don’t show up to court I still win.

He bemoans how his other complaints were also thrown out, and complained that the judges who dismissed it aren’t as familiar with the law as he is.


He outlines how he is a social justice warrior, and as such SJW’s should be treated as a protected class. He spent hours researching (and wrongly interpreting) a Senate debate in the 1860’s to ban the KKK and argued that I “destroy social justice warriors.”



This is what happens when a homeless man who thinks he’s smarter than he is spends 40 hours a week researching case law in a law library instead of getting a job. He literally spends every waking hour of his day on this case and has gotten nowhere with it, but he truly believes he is winning. He’s bragging about how well it’s going on Discord, where he is being assisted by a woman named Shannon Labarre, who like Rian believes she knows how the law works when in fact she is just an unemployed beach whale who once falsely accused her husband AJ of rape and made up a story about having a dead baby for sympathy.


Every so often I get an email or a huge package in the mail from Rian that contains the latest 140 page document he’s filed, which I don’t bother reading because it’s just madness. This isn’t costing him a dime though because he files an affidavit of indigency every time.


Some of these are hilarious. He claims that he couldn’t function after reading my book because it gave him adjustment disorder due to the fact that Ted Cruz and Sean Spicer read it.


He says that the court has to rule in his favor or else they will “look corrupt and impotent when this case goes to Hollywood.”

I guess they’re making a movie about this.

I didn’t know about half of these failed attempts he made to get me charged with other crimes:

Anyway, this is how I will be spending my afternoon. I’ll be talking about how it went on the Live Show tonight at 9 PM, so subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here.

And now for Rian’s greatest hits.






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