I Won’t Watch The Celtics Since Jaylen Brown And Marcus Smart Are Too Afraid To Defend Their Fans From Kyrie Irving’s Baseless Allegations Of Racism


The Celtics are playing the Nets again right now and I won’t be watching. Not just because they’re going to get creampied by a super team of divas who couldn’t win championships on their own, but because I don’t watch or support people who think I’m a racist. A few days ago Kyrie Irving, a man who believes the Earth is flat but is still taken seriously, accused Boston fans of being “subtly racist.”

He did this because he knows he never once experienced racism in Boston. If he did then we never would’ve heard the end of it. He knows he’s going to be rightfully booed, due to the fact that he underperformed in Boston, we made it to the Eastern Conference Finals without him, he said he wanted to retire here, and he was such a loud mouthed malcontent that he ran to play with Kevin Durant because he could never win on his own. He knows the boos will be loud and deserved, so he preemptively is trying to keep Celtics from doing that by suggesting that any sort of legitimate criticism of him is fueled by racism.

Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart, and Jaylen Brown have every reason to hate Kyrie. He didn’t like playing with them because it wasn’t all about him.

“His (Irving’s) relationship with the young players on the roster was awful. Jaylen Brown, he was probably the worst with. I don’t think it was great with Jayson Tatum.”

He abandoned them and spoke ill of them publicly. He turned on their fans, who buy overpriced tickets to watch them play a game so that they can make millions of dollars a year entertaining us.

Now he’s calling the fans the worst possible thing you could call anyone in 2021 – racist. If Tatum, Brown, and Smart cared about their fans this would be the perfect opportunity to defend them. What do they care about offending Kyrie Irving? That bridge has been burnt, by Kyrie. He’s the enemy of the Boston Celtics. Imagine if Karl Malone called Bulls fans racist? Do you think Michael Jordan would stay silent about that? Of course not. Because Michael Jordan was a cold blooded winner, and he fed off energy from the fans.

Instead we got silence from Tatum, and this from Smart:

Here’s what this bloated blue checkmark had to say about people like me, who might be skeptical of Marcus Smart, who lied about being called a racial slur by a Texas Tech fan while playing for Oklahoma State.

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It actually is a he said vs. he said situation because no one else heard it. He didn’t even mention it until now because he’s making it up. It’s one thing when Adam Jones does it because Boston fans are booing him, but Marcus Smart is doing this to his own fans. Disgusting.

We got this from Jaylen Brown:

Jaylen Brown makes millions of dollars to bounce a ball and he’s lecturing some guy from Quincy with a GED who spent half his paycheck to watch him play about “inequality,” and “wealth disparity.” He attended Cal-Berkeley tuition free for one year, only because he could play basketball, and is lecturing people about “inequality in education.”

Boston has a black mayor, a black congresswoman, it just had a black police chief, and is governed by a black DA. If systemic racism is rampant in Boston then why aren’t the black people who run the city doing something about it? Because there isn’t “systemic racism.” It’s just a made up word for privileged people like Jaylen Brown to use so they can still pretend that they’re oppressed.

I never thought I’d reach the point where I’d turn off professional sports, but I’m not watching this garbage anymore. Plus we know how this all ends – with LeBron against the Nets in the Finals. How many times can they take a dump on your face until you decide that your pride actually matters? I quit baseball after MLB pulled the All-Star game out of Georgia in order to protest the voting reform law they passed there. I liked that law and thought it did good things. But MLB decided it was so repugnant and vile that they couldn’t even play a baseball game in that state because the thought of being around people like me was too much for them to deal with. That’s how low they think you are if you’re conservative, and they’re counting on you looking past that because you like the game too much to give it up.

I’m all set. Baseball is boring and the NBA is dumb because of LeBron and the super teams. The NFL could probably defecate and climax on my face at the same time and I’d still keep watching because the product is like crack for me. But their owners are the best so I doubt it will come to that. Just imagine if your spouse treated you like the Celtics and MLB just did, and you kept staying with them in a one-sided relationship. They’d never stop.

Just turn it off. Tomorrow night the Bruins will be on and they won’t lecture you about what a racist you are because they’re too busy trying to win the Stanley Cup. I’ll tune in then.


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