IG Influencer Harasses, Follows Home, And Doxxes Woman As A “Karen” For Giving Him The Middle Finger During Traffic Dispute


This is Karlos Dillard is a gay black man from Seattle, who finds work as a professional race baiter, public speaker, IG Influencer, and a comedian, and refers to himself as “more than just a viral video star.”

He does a podcast with his husband, where they talk about how oppressed they are living comfortably in one of the wealthiest cities in America.

His comedy can basically be summed up as, “I’m gay and I’m going to tell you about it.”

“Let me f*** your man and leave him. I wouldn’t mind f***ing him, at least you know he’s getting some good d**k.”

This is just a gay black version of Amy Schumer. She’s only a thing because she’s fat and talks about guys brave enough to bang her. It’s “funny” because women don’t normally talk about it. If a guy did a set where he talked about all the women he bagged no one would laugh. Same thing applies here. If Karlos made that same joke about someone’s wife no one would laugh, but people pretend it’s funny because he’s a member of a “marginalized” community.

Karlos decided that he was going to try to ruin a woman’s life yesterday after she allegedly (gasp) gave him the finger in traffic. He followed her home, got up in her space, called her Karen, filmed her, and harassed her, as she embarrassingly begged him not to post it on the Internet.

Shaming Karens started as something fun, but has turned into a way for society to pile on white women. There’s no such thing as a multicultural Karen. By definition they must be white. It’s funny because usually the Karens are dreadful creatures, but just imagine doing this to any other race of women. Imagine what would happen if white men went around filming black women, calling them Laqueesha, and then mocking them on social media. But the rules of social justice tell us that we’re only allowed to mock white women, so this is OK.

What he did to this woman is pretty disgusting, and in a sane world he’d get his ass whooped for it.

“Why did I get flipped off?”

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Probably because you’re horrible.

According to his story she was completely in the right. He admits that he merged onto a highway from the right and she wouldn’t let him in so he had to wait and then jump in behind her. This is not cutting someone off. It’s following the rules of the road. He also admits to tailgating, prompting her to justifiably give him the middle finger. But I guess the rules don’t apply to Karlos because he’s “marginalized,” or something.

Once he begins live streaming on IG he all of a sudden mentions that she was doing “racial shit.” How do you do “racial shit” while driving, if he can’t hear what she said? This is the new thing people do to justify horrible and sometimes criminal behavior – claim that you were called the n word. Because there is no bigger crime than calling someone the n word, and any behavior that results from it is justified. This includes creating a mob to stalk and harass a woman.

Notice that he gets up in her personal space during a pandemic, she puts her hands up and he yells, “don’t touch me.” He was the aggressor here, not her. He was the one that was so butthurt over getting the middle finger that he filmed himself following this woman home like a psychopath.

It’s obviously humiliating for this woman because she freaked out and yelled “I have a black husband.” SJW mobs want you to say that you have a black friend or a black kid or a black husband, because they like going after these people even more than they do overt racists.

He posted another video showing her license plate and address for the purpose of doxxing her, hoping that her life would be ruined like that woman from Central Park that the mob destroyed last month.

His tone is what annoys me off the most. This is a man talking to a woman. He screams and yells at her and he gets away with it because he’s gay. Newsflash – just because you’re homosexual, doesn’t mean you’re not a man. You don’t get to treat a woman like this because you think you’re one of the girls.

“You’re trying to ruin my life and you don’t even know me.”

“He wants to call me a Karen and put it online.”

That lady is well aware of Internet outrage culture. She knows what a Karen is, and she may have even enjoyed watching other Karens get roasted. She immediately realized while this was happening that she was about to be the next one, she knew the implications this could have on her job and life, and she was freaking out. It’s funny to laugh at her, but considering what this can do to a person’s life it really wasn’t that much of an overreaction.

Of course this isn’t the first time Karlos has tried to go viral over fake racism. Two years ago he was making love to his husband so loudly the cops were called, and of course he blamed racism.


He tried to get the mainstream media to cover it but even they had no interest.

Karlos also delivers food for Postmates and filmed himself refusing to deliver food from a Chinese restaurant after claiming that they were “being racist and she said whatever n word.”

Except nowhere in the video does she say that, he doesn’t mention the n word when confronting her, and only makes up that lie when he’s outside and has an audience.

But because corporations are so spineless and cowardly, and fear the Internet woke mob giving them bad reviews, Postmates investigated the Asian woman instead of disassociating with a bully who refused to do his job.

He’s now profiting off of his attempt to ruin this woman’s life, while mocking her “white tears.”

Blue checkmarks and the mob are doxxing the woman, while he claims that “she wanted me dead today.”

It’s just his latest desperate bid for attention. Like that time he pretended to be getting divorced so he could go on divorce court.


Or when he got up in Seattle cops’ faces during the protests and blew bubbles at them while holding a “F*** the Police/Your Mom’s a Hoe” sign.

Karlos and his husband recently started a GoFundMe to pay for new podcasting equipment, even though they admit they can afford it. Guess that their reasoning is?

“Now is the time for black voices to be heard. Sure, we could pay for this ourselves, but we believe in reparations.”

Reparations of course. Because these poor, oppressed men who have sex so loud that the cops come, who get paid to sit around being untalented slugs all day while living in one of the most expensive cities in America, are oppressed.

He presents himself as a bad ass, fighting racism and kicking down barriers.

But all he really is is a bully hiding behind identity politics. I’m a firm believer that people like this only get this way because we stopped punching people in the face. If Karlos Dillard feared getting punched in the face he would not act this way and the world would be a better place.


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