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Investigating Kate “Bristol” Peter Part 2: Bizarre YouTube Videos About Late Term Abortion, Forcing Child To Call Her Names, Judging “Bad” Mothers


Click here to read part 1 of this series.

In the “coming clean” blog she published on Turtleboy in September Kate Peter explained that her July 2009 arrest on a warrant was the cumulative result of “not giving a f***.” Two years later she was allegedly married to Steven Young, the father of her second child. In October 2011 Young was arrested for brutalizing her in front of two of her children. It’s notable that all four children were born by then, yet only two were there to witness this. She blamed losing her kids on domestic violence, when in fact she made a conscious decision to live with this man in Taunton, knowing that DCF would not give her custody of the other two children if this arrangement continued.

Yet while she was still married and still living with Young, Kate began writing this blogcalled Kate Date’s – Dating After Divorce. Her first entry in August 2011 was entitled “This whole white trash mom thing, it’s an art,” and this line indicated that she still had all 4 children at the time:

And we don’t do extravagant in my house. I have mostly boys, close together, so clothes go down the line until they are no longer wearable.

She painted a picture of a dysfunctional house.

So she would never know the exhausting joy when kids A and B are fighting, and the baby’s crying, and you’ve got beautiful, tiny chaos swirling around you and you still manage to end up with a household of “Best Buddies” who adamantly stick up for a sibling when they’re being scolded

And she revealed why she’s so upset when people go to Disney.

I feel blessed every day that though I can’t afford an Xbox or big TV, I can’t take my kids to Disney every summer. 

In a November 17, 2011 blog post, Kate said that she was not the victim of the previous month’s incident.

The courts, child protective services, therapists, all label me as “the victim”. I’m not. I choose to engage with this guy. My kids are the only real victims. And they suffer.

My daughter stays up at night waiting by her window, afraid he’ll come back. She tells me, social workers, teachers and anyone else who will listen that she is afraid he will kill me. She has called me a “stupid cunt”. My son, his fathers namesake, told his preschool teacher that his daddy is a “monster” who hurt his mommy. They are  traumatized. Every day is a fight, as they attempt to proccess what they just can’t. Every child is in therapy, even my two year old. 

So what was Kate doing around this time to help her kids besides blogging? In July of 2012 she began her first attempt to become a YouTube star and drive traffic to her blog. On her channel she made two bizarre videos, one of which involved her then five year old daughter calling her a “retard” (1:30 mark) in a vain attempt at comedy, as well as scenes of her trying to break into a Facebook boyfriend’s house that she was stalking, and pouring hot wax from a candle onto her arm.

Her brand of humor and entertainment never really caught on, so it’s understandable why should would feel the need to latch onto an established entity like Turtleboy, use the platform to develop her own personal brand, and then start her own channel that she pretends she built on her own.

I guess this is what fighting to get your kids back looks like. Or perhaps a better way to get your kids from DCF is by pretending to be six months pregnant, going into a Target and trying to get the abortion pill and/or coat hangers after ripping butts outside because she “can’t have the baby” that’s allegedly kicking inside of her.

Making dark humor parody videos about late term abortion doesn’t seem like the most effective use of your time when you’re trying to regain custody of your two children.

Kate would normally be a sympathetic character because she is the victim of domestic violence and was tasked with raising four kids on her own due to her poor taste in men. But she’s also extremely judgmental of others. She ironically trashed Teen Mom because although she liked laughing at the “white trash retards,” she didn’t like the effect it was having on the babies.

She demanded that the girls featured in that show have their children taken from them.

Just as she would later do while working for TB, Kate used the Internet to demean other mothers. After previously writing in a blog post that she collected welfare, Kate ironically wrote a long rant about her tax dollars, and called out mothers who weren’t as good as her.

She lamented parents who drank too much and let their children use foul language, despite having a bad drinking problem and coaching her daughter to call her a retard in a YouTube video.

She’s made posts like this many times over the years, while also posting about how no one has the right to judge her.

But who is she to judge or lecture anyone else on parenting? She gave away two of her children in 2014 when they were toddlers and called her Mommy. According to her, “giving your kid up if you can’t do it properly IS being a Mom,” which makes her better than neglectful mothers whose lifestyle she finances with her tax dollars.

It’s very easy to judge the parenting skills of others when you’ve given 50% of your offspring away.

It is indeed responsible to put your baby up for adoption when they’re first born if you don’t feel like you can care for them, but when you force them to endure psychological trauma while you get your life together, and then permanently separate them from their mother and siblings, it’s not exactly noble.

She insists that it is though.

What about the trauma that their siblings suffer from not living with their brothers? If you planned on cleaning up your life then why would you have to worry about the kids being exposed to domestic violence again? And why do the older kids not need protection from that? Why weren’t the two children she gave away mentioned when she regained custody in September 2017 of the older two children?

Also, if her life was turned around and she wasn’t addicted to drugs, why was she charged with drug larceny in 2014 (the same year she “chose” to have her kids adopted out) while writing posts that bashed on derelict mothers?

Kate’s ability to manipulate minds with her words is her greatest asset. She’s well aware of the lifestyle she has lived, yet she constantly bashes those she considers ratchet, while virtue signaling about why no one should judge anyone else.

She’s declared herself a “damn good Mom,” of course.

At some point in 2012 Kate started dating her current boyfriend, who she refers to as her husband, Andrew Johnson.

Andrew stepped up and acted as the de facto father for her two remaining children. We will get more into that dynamic in part 3.

The bottom line is that an audit of Kate Peter’s parenting skills have forever disqualified her from casting judgment on anyone else. She portrays herself as compassionate, and recently said on her YouTube channel that I prevented her from writing stories about redemption.

But the fact of the matter is that Kate enjoys looking down on people who are struggling, and despite her past shows almost no empathy whatsoever. And that is why she was drawn to Turtleboy in the first place, and why she happily collected a check from me every month to write blogs demeaning people she considers lesser than her. Kate Peter is the ultimate hypocrite.


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